Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moving Sale Starts Tomorrow

I can't believe I've "only" been preparing for this moving sale since last Saturday.  It feels like I've been at it forever.  Now I remember why I don't do this very often.  However, I'm hoping that I'll sell a lot, i.e., all of it. This is what it looks like in my garage...

There was an accumulation of stuff in the garage from years and years.  I think my dad liked tools and he had a lot of them.  So I had a lot of sorting to do, plus cleaning the garage.  

My friend Denny, who helps me with building projects around my house, came over today and I gave him first dibs on the tools that I'm getting rid of.  I unearthed a ladder that I had promised him and freaked when I finally got it out.  This is what I saw...

I called him and told him about the condition of the "feet" and he said not to worry that he could probably fix it.  He took off with the ladder and a bag full of tools and I put my first $50 in my moving sale kitty.  Not bad for a pre-sale sale.

I'm just taking a short break so that I can do a quick update.  The sale actually starts at 1 PM tomorrow.  Why 1 PM, you ask?  Friday morning is when I workout with my trainer and I don't want to miss.  She was in the Dominican Republic for a week so I missed a couple sessions and I'm feeling it.  Plus, I'm eating everything in sight.  Not good.

This is where I'll be for the next 2.5 days...

I think it's the perfect place for my computer when I'm not overrun with shoppers.  

Before I sign off I want to welcome a couple new followers:  Meadow House Musings and I don't think you have a blog.  Then there's BigAssBelle.  I tried to check out your blog but wasn't able to so I'll try again at a later date. Thanks for joining me on my journey as I getting closer to hitting the road.

Breaks over, I need to get back to work.  I've been dragging my feet about pricing stuff and now I need to get it done.

Loving the sunshine,



  1. Do you have anyone to help you? Good luck, don't be distracted if there are several people there at once. Sometimes shoplifters work in pairs. Keep you hands on that laptop.

  2. bigassbelle! that is a great blog name!!..good luck with the sale..maybe get a friend to come and help..four eyes are better than two..especially when it comes to expensive items and the box of money!!

  3. Good luck with your sale. Yes I hope someone will come to help. I caught a few people pulling that game when we had a huge sale at my dads house. It makes me sick. And we had about 4 poeple helping I guess thats why I was able to catch them.

  4. Ack. By the time I have a garage sale, I've made a sign welcoming shoplifters. I offer to help them load the stolen crap ... er, merchandise into their getaway vehicle. But, yes. Watch the laptop.


    P.S. I was just asking bloggers if word verification worked better for them than letting the spam trap deal with stuff. What do you say?

  5. Good luck with the sale. I think 1 p.m. might be a good idea. Most people are done with the early bargain hunting by then and will be getting their second wind. Watch out for Early Birds - seems some people never want to wait until opening time.

  6. Good luck - I hope you sell a lot and make a lot of money! I'd have one comment, and I might be wrong, but...

    My first thought when looking at your photo of the garage was how neat it was, then I remembered what the women doing my estate sale said, you need LOTS of stuff, all over the place - if people see neat aisles and empty places, they thing the best stuff is gone, and they won't look as long, or even go in to look. You might try doing a more "messy, crowded" sale next time and see what happens. (It drove me CRAZY to see so much JUNK in my condo, but they made me a lot of money, double what I was hoping for.) Just a thought. :)