Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting Hung Up on the Craziest Things

Things have been going along fairly smoothly, until yesterday, and my hang up had to do with a telephone number and Corning Ware.  I kid you not.  

I called AT&T to see if it's possible to hang onto my landline phone number. See, it's been in the family for 40+ years and even though only one person I know uses it, well, you never know.  So, yes, for the price of $24.95 + taxes I can keep it.  I have to ask myself if it's worth $300+ a year to hang onto a phone number nobody uses, me included, since I'll be on the road.

As for the Corning Ware...come on, an issue with Corning Ware?  Yep, it kind of surprises me too.   My mom has/d so much Corning Ware and I rarely use it.  Sounds kind of like the phone, doesn't it?  I know I don't want any, or much, of it in Olivia because I don't want it rattling around making noise.  While I'm not crazy about plastic, in a motorhome I think it's a lot quieter.  Plastic is also lighter.  But, I'm ignoring the dilemma.  What is it with the Corning Ware?  I don't have to get rid of it...there's another option...I can pack it and take it with me in the moving van.  OK, I think that's what I'll do.  Phew, I'm glad that's taken care of.

I spent most of last night playing on my iPad, downloading free books and checking out the RVing apps I have.  I did buy one though.  J.A. Jance's latest...Fatal Error.  Like me, she has a Seattle/Tucson connection.  She spends part of her time in Seattle and part of her time in Tucson.  I've read all of her books and I'm a big fan.  

As for the books I...is it uploaded or downloaded...whatever I did with them, I plan on reading library books as long as I can.  I was one of the last to get a cell phone (now the landline dilemma makes sense) and I think I'll be one of the last to read books on an iPad.  I got them just in case.  Just in case I'm in the middle of nowhere, with not a library in sight, and no books. Horrifying thought.  I always have a book with me.  If I don't I start to go through withdrawal and I can't have that.  Now I'm covered, unless I don't have my iPad with me.  Since I don't have it with me all the time that could be a problem.  But since I'll put it in Olivia...the middle of nowhere thing shouldn't be a problem.  Because I'll be in the middle of nowhere, in Olivia, with my iPad.

I think I'm going to put you out of your misery and quit writing.  Maybe I mean to put me out of my misery.  Whichever it is, I'm signing off.  

Loving the sunshine,



  1. Our son used to be a sales rep with Verizon and he said to contact them again. You might have misunderstood the charges. He said at Verizon you don't pay for the number you pay for their plan (service). If anything at all...it might be a one time fee which he said it shouldn't even be that. So contact them again and make sure you understood or they understood what you were asking for. Just saying....trying to help.

  2. When I started downsizing after my wife died, there were many "corning ware" moments. I learned to keep the items until they finally just became "items" and not associated with an emotion. I'm Still working on that bit....


  3. Downsizing is really tricky. I've been working on that one for a couple of years now. It's full of many, many emotions. Some things are easy to get rid of...and some...not so much.

    I've sold lots of furniture. Just trying to keep my favorite pieces...and of course sentimental things. One day I'll have to figure out how to get some of the furniture to my children. I learned that I like "simplicity"....things don't look so cluttered. It's funny...when I'm in need of tranquility I sit in the living room because it feels right....to me it is a "soothing room". Sounds like you are doing good.....just keep going. I look forward to hearing how it is out there on the road. Enjoy your travels. Til next time~Tricia

  4. LOL... it sure is fun reading your downsizing dilemmas... I downsized five time before moving into my 5th wheel. We bought it so I could have privacy while taking care of my Mother.

    I even stored stuff and as time went by... I realized I couldn't even remember what I had in storage so gave it all to Goodwill and never looked back.

    The phone number that my parents had forever... was disconnected but I used the number for several passwords! So that way I could save a bit of history for whatever reason. ;)

    I still have cake plates, corning ware and a baking pan my Mother had when I was a child. Interesting innit.

    You plan on camping in the middle of nowhere? really?

  5. Craig has a huge paper back Science Fiction collection. Well over 1500 books. It has always been "sacred" to him, his getting upset if he couldn't find a particular book, or if someone "borrowed" one and didn't bring it back.

    Two nights ago he said "I might just take all the books to the dump..." Any other method of getting free of them would take to much work.

    We shall see.

  6. John and I had our land line number transferred to our travel cell phone number when we left Tucson. We got to keep it. We have Verizon. Also, on our first journey in an RV nearly 22 years ago, we had corning ware. It got scuffed and sanded from bumping around so much. We had to eventually throw it away. It and RVing did not mix well. I now want an IPad. They are so dang nifty!

  7. Better not come to Indiana because they charge big bucks to get a library card. :(

  8. Decisions, decisions...won't you be glad when you feel more settled? Hope you work through everything you are facing and come out fine on the other side.

  9. You might check to see if you can put your phone on "vacation"...in Az you can...I think they charge like $5.00 a month...you get to keep the same number. This reminds me of ...I had a p.o. box forever...when I moved to the next town I didn't want to give it up for some reason...it was a pain..I didn't use it but had to go empty the junk mail out of it every couple of weeks....after about 4 years (of paying $24 a year)...I finally said enough is enough...lol..makes me laugh when I think about it now..

  10. WOW you are doing a great job. Pack up the corning ware and send it on the moving truck. Corning ware has gotten way expensive, and I like the old stuff better.

  11. I got rid of all that kind of stuff - Corning, etc. - then the other day I wanted to make a small casserole and I didn't have anything but my pots and some plastic! I had to go to the store and buy a metal baking dish. I wish I had saved a couple of my smaller Corning dishes. I'd just wrap them in paper towels so they wouldn't break. :)