Monday, September 5, 2011

Quiet Labor Day

It was a very quiet day today.  I worked out with my trainer first thing this morning and then I took some planters to a friend. We went to our favorite nursery where I returned a planter I bought recently.  This is not the time to be buying anything, except food, when I'm downsizing, so I returned it. Then we went to lunch and polished it off with white chocolate mousse at TCBY. TCBY white chocolate mousse is my favorite and I haven't had any for years. The last time was in Tucson and I haven't lived there for five years.  This one opened recently across the street from my favorite nursery. When we go to this nursery we go north across the street for stir fry for lunch and then east across another street for TCBY frozen yogurt.   Perfect positioning.   

There is one item I bought recently that I won't be returning...

Yes, an ironing board (the little blue one on top of the big one).  I still iron and found this at a fabric store and it's a great size for storing...

I particularly like the iron rest.

I made sure that Home2Home will be open tomorrow before I put the items back in my SUV so I can drop them off.  Having had to take them out once, doing that over and over again is not something I want to keep doing.  They were supposed to pick my furniture up today but I changed it to Wednesday.  

I can sure feel Fall in the air even though we hit 80〫today.  Yesterday was hot and humid and today was perfect.  Maybe today was perfect because I didn't do much of anything and didn't get overheated.  

I'm aware that I'm really grasping for something to say and I'm not finding anything.  So, I'm going to stop for today.

Loving the sunshine,



  1. I really like that folding ironing board. I have seen small boards, but never one that folds. Great purchase!
    Glad you had a restful day!!

  2. love the ironing board!..great for travelling in your home on wheels!!

  3. Eventually I will get a little ironing board like that too. I have a couple of cotton blouses that I really like to iron before I wear them. For now I iron all of Craig's work shirts, and after he retires I will still iron a few of his casual shirts. They just look and feel better. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

  4. I have the small travel one the legs just fold under and they are nice a flat. I found one in a closet here so I was able to keep the other one in the MH. But just realized the iron is here. Oh well will have to get another cheapy for MH.
    BTW were you able to pull my e-mail from my blog?

  5. Wow, I love that little ironing board. I have managed to avoid ironing when we are traveling, but there have been times when I really wished I could spiff something up. Not often, mind you, most of the time it is tee shirts and jeans!

  6. Paulette has a little ironing board like that for pressing her quilting fabric. Comes in very handy.

  7. I love my little ironing board. It's been with me since before I purchased my home and lived in apartments. I use it often as I hate to pull out the big one.