Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hardest Donation to Date

I kept telling myself "it's just furniture, it's just furniture," and it was still hard.  Today the folks at Home2Home picked up a desk and two dressers.  I was back and forth about whether to include the dressers but as part of my downsizing I went through with it.  The less I have, the less I'll be tied down...and it was still hard.  

I've been packing up the kitchen and that has not been a fun project.  I found myself picking something up and then putting it down on the other side of the kitchen instead of in a box.  When I called Carissa at Home2Home to see what time the guys would be here today, she said it would probably be after lunch.  Last time they were here they arrived shortly after 10AM.  So, I bit the bullet and packed the kitchen.  I'm done except for the seasonings.  I'm trying to separate what goes on Olivia and what needs to be packed which means leaving boxes hanging around.  As I pack them I've been putting them in the garage, but not what's going in Olivia.  I'm getting close to the limit for my "minimum" move and I'm hoping to stay in that range to keep the price down.  

I can't find my mifi.  I thought I took it with me to Olivia yesterday.  I was just there hanging up my new curtains and I couldn't find it.  I've looked from one end to the other in my SUV and it isn't there either.  I'm going to take a deep breath, not panic and will it to show up.  

When I was at Olivia I opened the closet door and my propane alarm went off.  I tried it a number of times and it happened each time.  Nothing was turned on inside and I went outside and turned the propane off.  I'm hoping that was just a fluke and won't continue.  That would not be fun.  

I called a friend in the middle of my meltdown after the furniture was picked up.  We're going to meet at Applebee's for dinner.  I'm looking forward to it.

That's it for today.



  1. Jeana, my heart goes out to you. Giving up things that mean something to you is so very hard. I did not have to go through that when I packed the coach to go traveling. I just purchased new things for the coach and sometimes 2 of everything I wanted in order to keep my townhouse and coach stocked.

    It's good that you're going out tonight. Take a deep breath and enjoy yourself.

  2. What you are doing and going through is NOT easy! There are memories and emotions flying all over the place! I am so glad you and your friend decided to go to Applebee's for dinner. There is nothing like a good friend to cheer you up!!
    Hang in there!! Sending cyber hugs!!

  3. I haven't put much of anything into the Alfa except empty containers and my imignation. If it is going to be needed in the Alfa, it is needed now in the house. If I can live without it, it doesn't belong in the RV.

    Bought some little rugs today, last week a two step stool, and a stove topper cutting board, but those are RV specific.

  4. Jeana, your propane alarm maybe going off because the house batteries are getting low from sitting. Next time you go try to let Olivia run for awhile it should help charge the battery. If not it will need to be plugged into an electric outlet and it will charge the battery back up.
    I lost my cell phone this morning. I thought for sure it was left in the car over night. Took Fred to groomers and crawled all over the car. Nope not there. So I said who did you talk to last and from where.Left it out on the porch last night. Maybe you put it with the GPS?

    You did a great job today giving up more stuff than you planned. Maybe when its my turn you can give me a boost, or a good swift kick.

  5. Be sure to follow up on the propane alarm. Don't want any nasty surprises down the road.

    Nothing like dinner with an understanding friend to make a meltdown less excruciating! Hope Applebee's helped.