Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Bought an iPad Today

I went and got a pedicure this morning and the lady working on my feet was talking to the lady next to her about getting an iPad.  She was going to get one today, right after she finished my pedicure.  The other lady already has one and was explaining it to me.  I liked what I heard.  Now that I have it I wonder why it took me so long to get one.  I love it.  

I HAVE A REQUEST...would you let me now which apps you use on your iPad or iPhone that helps when you're on the road?  I've heard about a lot of them but I never wrote the info down because I didn't have one.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, because you already have, I'd really appreciate the info. Thanks. 

Now I'm going to go back and play with my iPad.  I'm so glad I've already gotten mifi because I can work on my iPad in my backyard.  My house is too hot until later tonight so I don't want to be inside.

Sorry this is so short but I want to go play with my new toy.

Loving the sunshine,



  1. Have fun I don't have one and I don't have and Iphone either. Having computer problems is bad enough. If I am not on blogger anymore you can reach me by my e-mail which is listed on blogger.

  2. I have an iPhone, and there are hundreds of travel apps, so the iPad should have quite a few, also. Two apps I have found handy when driving are Gas Buddy (gives gas stations and prices) and Overnight Walmart (locations of stores that allow overnight stays). Besides iPhoto, which came on your iPad, you'll probably find a lot of other photo manipulation apps for those perfect travel photos. And be sure to play around with the video camera and iMovie, too. Enjoy!

  3. have fun with your new toy!!!..we have iphones but no ipad!! sure to give us all a review of what you think of it!!!

  4. I love my laptop, but I have told Craig that if he takes over my laptop to edit his videos, he has to get me an ipad. My daughter has one and loves it.

  5. Here is a group of apps that were passed along to John and Kathy Huggins of "Living The RV Dream" on their FB page.
    Some IOS Apps for the RV:
    1. Passport America
    2. AllStays Camp & RV
    3. Road Trip (for service/mileage/trip expenses
    4. iRV2 Forum
    5. GasBuddy
    6. Bubbellevel
    7. Handy Level
    8. Compass (to point my wind device)
    9. Progressive (insurance app)
    10. Rest Area
    11. Free WiFi (to Find Nearby free WiFi sites)
    12. DP AR Pro (can view through the camera where satellites are and trees obstacles.
    13. Woodalls
    14. RVPark Finder

    Some others that are of value on the road are:
    1. mobileRSS to automatically track you subscribed blogs
    2. Redbox
    3. AppShopper (to keep a wish list of apps and watch for updates and price changes)
    4. Audible (the best app to listen to your books)
    5. Latitude (to track your friends)
    6. Dropbox (to sync notes and files to all your other devices)
    7. Camera Sync (to get your photos to dropbox and safe ASAP)
    8. Photo Albums (to get photo or photos to Facebook)
    9. Wikipanion
    10. Flixter (to find movies playing at your location and they are rated by rotten tomatoes)
    11. TV Guide (to get a guide of TV shows in your location)
    12. My Measures (takes a photo and you can apply measurments so you don't have to remember)
    13. Key Ring (This is fantastic. You take a photo of all those cards you get and they can scan it for your discounts)
    14. Evernote
    15. Notsey (use this note app with your dropbox not fancy easy to use)
    16. Instapaper (make an account and save web pages from any site or computer for later use)

  6. Congrats on your new iPad - I'm sure you'll love it.

    That's quite a list of apps on the comment ahead of me, but here's a link to the #1 RV camping App - it's a good one:

  7. I agree with Lady Vagabond and Sara, the Gas Buddy app is easy to use, and very helpful for finding different gas prices nearby. Stay away from the Angry Birds app though.......

  8. Looks like you've received some good suggestions so far. I agree that GasBuddy and Camp&RV were my 2 most-used apps when traveling (in addition to The Weather Channel app of course).

    The Camp&RV app is developed by a guy named Adam from Santa Fe who happens to be a fellow View owner! Besides showing campgrounds, it also shows Walmart overnight parking, LP and Dump stations, RV repair facilities, and low clearance bridges. A must-have app!

    Some others I use-- Campwhere (public campgrounds), Coverage? for cell phone coverage mapping, eWallet for keeping track of passwords, TuneIn Radio for streaming local radio stations from home (or NOAA weather stations) over the internet,and Penultimate (for handwritten note-taking). Have fun. I love my iPad!


    The above link is for a friend’s site. He has described a few of the apps that he has found useful, and includes descriptive information about them and whether they are free or what the costs are.

    Some apps were free when he got them, but may not be so now. Also, just the opposite. Some apps are free now that formerly had a cost associated with them.

    You can find a lot of free apps at

    You can request that an email be sent to you daily telling of the offers in a specific subject that you may be interested in.

    For a plethora of free and low-cost ebooks, check out .

    They will also send you a daily email of what their free/bargains are for the day. These books are downloaded from Amazon directly to my iPad into the Kindle Reader app. Amazingly, if it says FREE, it really is! No strings attached. I have downloaded about a hundred books through this venue.


    iPad travel apps

    and you will be pointed to a bazillion possibilities.

    Add free to your search string if you want to see only apps that have no cost associated with them.