Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Might Be More Than You Want To Know About My Bowling Balls

Last Saturday I went and bought an aluminum trough...

I bought it so that I can put my bowling balls in it.  I figured it would be the sturdiest way for moving them to Tucson.  I had an extra piece of wood, so I decided it would probably be better if I lined the bottom of the trough with some wood that I cut, sort of to size...

I inherited a sabre saw from my dad and I really enjoy using it, so cutting a piece of wood was kind of fun.  

This is how they've been stored in my garage since before the moving sale...

I sure didn't want anyone running off with any of my bowling balls...they can be hard to find.  

This is how they're stored now...

all twenty-one of them.  That doesn't include the fourteen that have been transformed into yard art...

they won't fit.  So, either I cut down how many bowling balls I take with me, or I get another trough.  Or, maybe I come up with a different hobby.  

Loving the sunshine,



  1. Ya just never know what people will save! :-)

  2. No such thing as bowling ball TMI. At first I was thinking oh man, there's some obsessive behavior going on! but when I see that you use them for art ... okay, I'm sticking with my story. :D It takes an obsessive collector to know one.

  3. Just be careful of the weight restrictions for you Motor Home. You may want to split them between the car. How many pounds are they each.

  4. So, now they are in the tub, u are surely NOT going to pick them up??!!