Sunday, September 4, 2011

Goodwill Turned Down an Item

Before I talk about Goodwill, I want to welcome two new followers:  Tanya who appears to not have a blog and Jammin' Along.  After 14 years in Arizona, they've returned to Spokane, WA and I don't envy you this winter.  I graduated from high school in Spokane and my in-laws lived there, so I know Spokane pretty well.

Now to Goodwill.  I had a wrought iron shelf thingy, in decent shape, that's been in my garage.  I don't have a picture of it because I don't want to unload it from my SUV because I'm bound and determined to find someone who wants it.  They had actually unloaded it, placed it off to the side, when another man came up and said they wouldn't be able to sell.  I doubt that it wouldn't sell, but what could I do.  So, I still have it.  I have a friend I'm taking something else to tomorrow and she might take it.

When I got home I moved stuff around in my garage and drew lines on the floor for the two sizes that PODS offers.  I'm going to start stacking stuff in that area to see if I can go with the smaller size.  Right now, I'm scheduled to get the 8x8x16' POD, but I think there's a 12' and that's the size I'd like to go with.  My reasoning is that it's probably cheaper.  I need to check that out and if it is, that's the way I want to go.  

I had an aha moment about 2:00 AM a couple days ago and acted on it yesterday.  My aha was to ask my friend Nancy if she and her husband would be interested in a road trip, with Ray, her husband driving my Volvo to Tucson.  First she said yes, then he did too!!!  I'm so relieved.  I'm starting to get excited about this whole move now that things seem to be falling into place.  

Nancy and Ray are the friends I went to Las Vegas with and they joined me when I was house sitting in California.  They're interested in finding a 55+ community and driving to Tucson with me will give them a chance to check out what Tucson has to offer .  I've told them about a couple communities down there, plus the large retirement community in Green Valley.  

My next door neighbor came over to talk to me while I was out in my garage and she ended up buying a couple shelf units.  I hadn't decided if I was going to take them with me and when she said she could use them at her school, I sold them to her for $10.  I'm really getting into the swing of downsizing and it's feeling great!!  

I talked to the RV salesman in San Diego today that I dealt with last year when I found the Class A that has a floor plan that I'd really like to have. I told him that I was still interested in it and when I'd be moving to Tucson. He said that most of the people buying RVs now are buying smaller ones instead of the larger ones.  Hopefully, that trend will continue until I get to the dealership.  

I finally figured out how to upload pictures from the dealership in San Diego so now I can show you what I like so much about this motorhome...

View from living room
Separate dining room
Walk through bathroom from bedroom
and dining room

Kitchen across from dining room table

I first saw this floor plan about four years ago and I knew then that this was the floor plan I wanted.  I like how the dining room is separated from the living room.  I also like that the bathroom can be entered from the bedroom or the dining room.  This is also the vehicle with the four windows on the side, which is where I got the  name for my blog.  This is a much higher end vehicle than the first one I looked's a Magellan by Thor.  I can see me in it and I feel so excited when I look at the pictures that I just tingle.   I've already put out to the universe that this RV is mine...please join me so it's there when I go to San Diego in October.  

Loving the sunshine,




  1. Jeana,
    Couldn't figure out any other way to answer your question to me. I have really never enjoyed driving in general. The big class A is just a small part of that. Although, I never have a problem with drowsiness when driving the rig...I'm on full alert the whole time. That's why I try to do 200 miles or less a day. It's too exhausting if I push it too far. If I ever won the lottery, I'd hire a driver. :) (of course, you have to buy a ticket to do that)

  2. Good luck with the MH in San Diego. Things are moving kinda slow right now so hopefully it will wait for you. We've been going through stuff this weekend trying to lighten our load. Feels good, doesn't it?

  3. I hope you like the way it drives as much as you like the floor plan. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy driving a large motor home was. I didn't want to say anything before, because I thought you were looking at a Monaco Cayman. I drove one of them and it was the only Class A that I found hard to control.

    What dealership are you talking to in San Diego?

    I really like the floor plan of this of the Thor.

  4. Nice looking rooms in that RV - hope you get it!

    Can you put the shelving unit on the sidewalk with a FREE sign? Especially on a busy street, I'll bet it's gone in an hour. :)

  5. that sure does look like a nice RV. You know, Jeanna, I could never manage to sleep in the cabover section of the View, so I completely understand your desire to get a different rig. Hope it all goes well for you.

  6. Look like a nice full-time rig. What's the length? You probably mentioned it but I've forgotten.

  7. I have never seen a floor plan like that before, It sure is differant and I really like it. I think for a full time rig that is the best I've seen. It's your choice, which is nice.
    The driving question you seemed to have asked Judy, I can relate to her answer. I had a trip in the begining that almost made me sell my MH. There were so many detours that didn't tell you which way to turn that I drove for 7 hrs and wound up in a city that should have only taken 2 1/2 hours. I hate long drives.

  8. Really nice floor plan! Hope all goes well with the test drive. If it's been on the lot over a year, you should have all the power in the negotiation, so you should be able to insist on a pretty hefty discount (ie 30% or more might be a good starting point), and walk away if they won't get into that range. I just saw a used Winnebago diesel pusher in FL the other day for only $69K-- a 2005 Jouney 36G that was orig over $200K new. The owner was really interested in my View, so seems there are lots of good deals to be had for larger MHs these days-- I'm sure you'll get your dream home on wheels soon!

  9. Lynne is so right...this is really a buyer's market for rv's. Everything needs to be checked out really good buy a disinterested 3rd party since it's been sitting on the lot so long. Also, have u checked out They have a pretty good site, user friendly and u can set the price range u want to stay in, the size, etc. Just a thought, never hurts to look. I don't know how u climb up there every nite..u will really enjoy the class a. I sure like ur site and ur handle, happy trails to u.

  10. Many times we would put "free" items out on the road by the garbage. That always worked. Gone!!

    Love the MH!! That is a really nice floorplan. They have come such a long way on MH floorplans. Must have started asking the females to help the designs. Much nicer!! We will be sending lots of positive thoughts your way that things will work out for you.

  11. I never had Goodwill turn anything down, but church groups have. As for the bigger RV, I hope you are able to get what you want. It's hard to pick something. Driving is easier than I thought it would be. I went with a smaller rig for the convenience of parking and getting into some of the national and state parks that have size restrictions (and because of my budget, also). If I bought a bigger rig, I would have to work more, I'm only 53 and my savings won't carry me forever if I spend a lot of money on a big rig. So I guess it depends on where you are going to park. If you are going to stay in RV parks for big rigs - then go for the bigger, more comfortable class A. After my 5 week trip in June, I decided that I prefer to stay in the state parks, rather than staying in an RV Park.

  12. Hi Jeana. We have been very happy with our two Thor RVs. I like what I see of yours. Where are you going to be in Tucson? It should be cooling down soon there and you'll settle in for a beautiful fall and winter. By the way, thanks for dropping by A Camp Host's Meanderings and leaving your comments. Levonne

  13. nice looking floor plan!!..good luck ..hope it is still there when you arrive in San Diego!!..if it's meant to be it's meant to be!

  14. Nice looking MH! Hope it works out for you.

    Goodwill is getting pretty picky about the stuff they'll take these days.

  15. You really have a nice looking motorhome. The layout inside is really great! So....tell me what make and model it is. Since my 'dream' of going on the road in our 5th wheel has died a slow and painful death (sold the truck and the 5th wheel is going on consignment). I'm looking on line at C-Class type RV's. We've owned one in the past...when we lived in the San Diego area...bought it there. Where did you get yours down there. We are in Ferndale, WA now so I'm looking on line.

  16. It's so great that you're writing about your moving process, Jeana! It's also really great that you're using PODS :)

    Seems like you really enjoy writing and if you're interested in writing about your experience for the PODS blog, I'd love to talk to you some more about it. Feel free to email me at

    Best wishes!

  17. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog and the warm welcome! It's exciting to hear of other folks who know about Spokane, LOL! I know I said the snow is what drove me away but really that was just an excuse. Yep, I'll be purchasing a snow shovel here very shortly.

    Arizona has a different kind of beauty and for me it just ran its course but then again let me get through this winter and ask me how I like it next spring. I might have to re-group my thoughts, LOL!

    Cheers! ~M