Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm Seriously Irritated with PODS

I mentioned in a previous post that I marked my garage floor with what I thought were the two sizes of PODS available so that maybe I could go to a smaller size and save some money.  I think they're quite expensive.  I called them today to confirm that because it's looking like I can go from the 8x8x16 to the 8x8x12.  This is where my irritation comes in.  There's another size, 8x8x7.  The only sizes for long distance are 8x8x16 or 8x8x7. It feels like a set up to me.  And maybe it feels like a set up because I'm so tired.  

I woke up at 2 AM this morning and couldn't go back to sleep.  I've been packing since 7:30 AM and I've packed for 10 hours today.  There were some breaks to play solitaire, mahjong, and spider solitaire on my iPad and a run to the store for chips.  I. am. exhausted.  

Because I am exhausted I know I shouldn't be making any major decisions. However, I'm thinking that maybe I should just put my stuff in storage up here and deal with it later.  I can put as much as possible in Olivia and then the remaining stuff I think I "have" to have in my SUV.  I can pack it to the gills, provided I figure out how to get it to Tucson.  

Does anyone know if I can pack my SUV to the gills and then have it transported?  Is that asking for trouble, i.e, my stuff disappears between here and there?  

I'm going to make this a short post tonight since I'm so tired.  I'm also sun deprived.  Our three week summer has ended and I haven't seen any sun for three days.  I noticed last night that my solar lights outside aren't working because there hasn't been any sun and it was really dark in my yard.  I missed the lights.  I also have cold hands again and I put my wool slippers on a bit ago because my feet were so cold.  This is not good.  No wonder I'm going to Tucson.  

I just called the dealer where I bought my SUV and asked about transporting it to Tucson.  I'll have an answer and price within 24 hours.  I also found out that I won't be able to have any personal possessions in it.  

Maybe I could rent a small trailer to pull behind Olivia and put extra stuff in, or, I can just do with what fits in Olivia.  What a concept!!  After all, I'm supposed to be downsizing.  And I am, I am and I think I'm doing a great job.  

Missing the sun,



  1. hang in there Jeana! will all work out in the end..and then you will be wondering what all the fuss was about!!

  2. I would vote for a storage unit up there. After six months of not having the things you left behind and you could then fly up, get rid of most of it and arrange for whats left to be stored where ever you want it to be stored.

    By then, or whenever you have made up your mind about full timing or not.

    I have little problem thinking about getting rid of almost everything. My husband holds onto to everything. If we ever sell this house it should be an interesting time.

  3. I'm sure there are weight restrictions on what you can tow with Olivia. I'm not putting anything in storage. My daughter wants some family furniture and it will have to be shipped to Colorado. I am also giving her boxes of family photos and a few pieces of pottery and glassware. I am giving her a few quilts and a quilting frame to store for me and that's about it. Everything else has to fit in my coach or its gets sold or donated.

  4. I agree with Merikay - put it in storage up there. Then you are done with it for now. After a while, or when you need to check on the house, fly up, go through it again and decide what you want to REALLY keep/store, and rent a U-Haul to drive it back to wherever you are. Or, if you are going to full-time for a while, just keep it up there.

    Don't over pack Olivia - that will drive you crazy and you won't enjoy being inside your new home. Just bring what you'll be using or want to have on the road with you. And it will add more weight.

    Don't stress about it, it will all work out. (Easy for me to say, right?)

    Re your comment on my post - yes, it's ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL here. Southeast Washington is having the most wonderful weather. I don't know if this is normal or not, but I'm loving it.

  5. I also agree with it there and take a look in about a year. You will probably find you can get rid of more stuff and then decide where you want your things kept. I do believe you will find yourself purging once again in a year.

    Get some rest!! :-)

  6. I agree with everyone about storing it up there. Although if you feel that you really must take it, I would check into some of the other companies that storage pods(I think one is SAM or something like that)I know PODS is not the only one.
    good luck!

    P.S. this is under anonymous, because I keep having trouble posting on blogger with my log in.

  7. I agree with everyone that storing it and looking at it later would be better. Gives you a chance to think about what you really want and what can really go.

  8. I think if you get some rest you will think more clearly. But if you are stressing you are not going to sleep. I think storage may be the answer as all the above have said. There is a woman here in the park that has been living in her 24' mh for a 1 1/2 yrs. She is going to rent a house from a relative and pull her storage out and go through it and see what she will do with it now. If she is going to full time she will get rid of everything and buy a little bit bigger mh with a slide, or give it up and buy herself a small house.
    You on the right track but you are overwhelmed at this time. DO NOT over load Olivia that was my mistake last summer which lead me to buy this little trailer. I love it buy now I own way to many things :)Take a few deep breaths and relax

  9. I think you've received some great advice here in comments so I'll just second what everyone else has already stated. Travel light is the best option as far as I'm concerned.

  10. You sound so tired so I will just say HUGS to you and hope tomorrow is a better day. It'll all work out, you'll see.

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