Friday, September 2, 2011

Unnecessary Rushing

I packed up my SUV last night to take another load of stuff to Home2Home today.  After reading some of the comments on yesterday's post, I decided to follow the suggestions and take pictures of my mother's paintings.  I leave early on Friday to go work out with my trainer, so I was in a rush.  I had to unpack them, take pictures, then repack them.  I managed to do it and get to the gym on time. In fact, I beat my trainer, who proceeded to set off the alarm when she arrived, so her day didn't have a great start.  

After the work out I went to Home2Home and they were closed, even though they're supposed to be open on Friday.  I was so frustrated because my plans for the day were ruined.  I was going to go home and load up a bunch of boxes to take to Goodwill after dropping off the stuff at Home2Home, but my SUV's still loaded.  I was so irritated I almost took it to Goodwill but that's not what I want.  What I will take to Goodwill is mostly items from the garage and not what Home2Home is looking for.  So, tomorrow morning I'll unload the Home2Home items, put in the Goodwill items and get rid of something.  

I talked to my property manager and the people I met the other night are definitely going to lease my house!!!  I'm so glad.  According to my property manager, they think I'm wonderful, I think they're wonderful, so we're happy all around.  They're in California for Labor Day and will get the signed lease back to my property manager on Tuesday.  If I remember correctly, the lease will start 10/24/11.  Kate, the lady of the couple leasing my place, just finished her dissertation for her master's degree having to do with wine. She's graduating in France so they'll be leaving for France soon.  How cool is that? 

When I went outside to water my new grass this morning, I noticed that someone had driven over it...

And then there were some foot steps in it.  They weren't there last night so I'm wondering when and why.  Since I forgot to water before I left this morning it probably happened while I was gone.  I still wonder why.  

It's looking pretty good, the grass that is...

The rest of my yard looks terrible, because, except for the new grass, I don't water my grass.  I live in the Seattle area, we have lots of rain, mostly, and it will come back.  It will save me a lot of $$$, except for the new grass.  I'm pleased that it's coming up so well.  Our weather has really helped.  

I thought I'd mentioned this, but apparently not.  I went and looked at previous posts so that I don't repeat myself.  Anyway, I recently hopped onto the website of the RV dealership in San Diego that had/has a motorhome with a floor plan I really, really like/want.  The motorhome is still there!!!  Oh, be still, my heart.  I'm so excited that it's still there...that means...what?  That's what I'm trying to decide.  

OK, I sent an email to the salesman I corresponded with last year.  If I don't hear back from him I'll call him tomorrow.  Again, what does that mean?  It means that I need to decide what I truly want to do and I'm thinking I'm going to bite the bullet and say I will full-time for a year, then decide if I want to keep doing it.  If I get the motorhome in San Diego, full-timing would be a breeze and I'd be in a motorhome with a floor plan I love.  Plus, I wouldn't be sleeping over a cab because I'd have a bedroom in the back!!! I have lots to think about.

Before I close, I want to welcome my new follower:  casa de nwlambear, also from the Pacific Northwest, but a bit further north than I am.  Thanks for joining me for my ride.  

Loving the sunshine,



  1. Glad to hear about your decision to full time. I know how you feel about having a bedroom. I could not see myself climbing up and down a ladder several times a night to use the bathroom. I'd never get back to sleep. That was a must in my decision to buy my 27 foot Coachmen. And to top it off my bathroom is in my bedroom and has a real door that closes it off from the rest of the coach.

    Good luck to you.

  2. You will want to tow a small car if you buy motor home. Your SUV may not be towable. What kind of motor home are you looking at?

  3. Days like this are a pain. But it will get done.
    I just have a feeling your going to go for that Class A Just remember you may not get nearly what you paid for your view. Sadly but its true. Of course you could get lucky. I sold my chalet thru craigs list and lost about a $1,000. The dealer wouldn't give me that much and said if I wanted to trade it back I would get it all back.He Lied. Dealers and not your friends. But you don't sound like someone who would fall for a line to easily. I know how it is when you have your heart set on something. Good luck.

  4. Funny you'd mention the cabover bed. I keep having a vision of lying up there with all the little windows open, a breeze flowing through as I snuggle under a comforter. But how would the dogs get up there? At home I use an old antique French commode with a pull-out step. My fat Jack Russell would have to have an extended stairway, but where would it be stored? And the truth is I like to plop down for siestas on a regular basis, puppies by my side, so what to do? Sigh. Here I am fretting and I'm not even close. It's nice to read about people who are. Congrats on renting the house. lynette

  5. Certainly a frustrating day for sorry!
    Good luck in your thinking/researching on motorhomes. You certainly have alot to think about and decide on. Do your research and know what you want. Keep us updated!!