Saturday, June 4, 2011

Caught Up on Blog Reading...Finally

It's taken awhile, in fact, longer than I expected to catch up on the blogs I follow that I haven't been reading.  I checked and I didn't blog from May 12th until June 1st, which means that I also didn't read any blogs.  Never again.  In fact, I decided that I would get caught up today and nothing was going to get in my way.  Because it's so gorgeous here in the Seattle area now I wanted to be outside, naturally.  So, I went outside...

...and I stayed outside until I was driven in by the three kids behind me screaming in their backyard.  I try and try not to be bothered by the screaming, but it's such a quiet place otherwise and it does drive me bonkers.  A couple years ago I created a fountain to cover neighbor noise, but nothing will cover up screaming and I was too far away for it to be effective.  I talk to myself and say they have as much right to be outside as I do, but I'm so much quieter.  I almost called my realtor to tell him that Matt's kids are screaming and to put my house on the market...but I refrained.  So, the picture is where I parked myself for hours today catching up.  It was lovely...until the screaming, that is.

I put the rest of the solar lights on the posts of the bridge that my friend built recently.  Now it looks complete and it's much easier to get the lawn mower up to the top of the yard.  Unfortunately, it gets dark so late here that I have to force myself to stay up to see if all the lights are working!!  If only I could stay awake longer but I wake up early (between 2 and 4 AM) so I'm ready to crash between 9 and 9:30 PM.  

I have the most gorgeous hanging baskets in my yard and I want to share some of the flowers...

Today turned out to be an at home day for me.  I didn't have to go anywhere so I didn't.  I didn't even go to Olivia.  But I did do, or attempt to do, something for her.  She's gotten so dirty sitting in storage and I'm embarrassed about how she looks.  The drive up wash your car yourself places I've seen aren't tall enough, my driveway is too steep, so I went looking for a mobile car wash.  I found one and sent them an email but haven't heard back from them yet.  I think I'm going to need to invest in some type of cover in the near future to keep all the tree stuff off of her. Or, buy a place where I can park her at home and build her a garage.  

I've enjoyed catching up with all of you and partaking in your adventures.  I have a lot of new follower blogs to check out so I think I'll go do that.  More tomorrow.  

Loving the sun,



  1. You've been living and having fun. Thats far better than keeping up on the blogs.

    Thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog. I'm feeling much better.

  2. Jeana, you have such a beautiful yard. To bad the kids have to ruin it with there screaming.

  3. lovely yard you have!..too bad the noisy kids next door spoil the peace and quiet!..we have traffic outside our condo..very noisy some days!..too bad we can't pick up our condo and move it!

  4. I can put up with most kid noises except screaming!

  5. Know what you mean about the shrieking kids! And they are everywhere!

    Have had trouble posting on blogger lately but I wanted to say that Olivia is looking beautiful!