Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quick Trip to Camping World before "Maiden Voyage"

I've been busy reading and getting educated before my "Maiden Voyage" tomorrow.  This book has been helpful.  I know that my greatest learning will be taking off tomorrow in Olivia and checking into the RV park in Clarkston.  

One thing I determined in my reading is that I need to have a surge protector when I plug into the shore line...

My two choices at Camping World were affordable or not affordable, so I went with affordable.  

You know how it goes at Camping World...there's always something else to buy that catches your eye, and I wasn't immune to that today.  I've been checking Olivia out and I really don't have a lot of storage on the outside. One of the things I need to do when I get to Clarkston, if it's possible, is wash Olivia.  When I saw this bucket that folds down to about three inches...

and then expands to a workable size, I decided I needed it.  Right now it's out in the garage because the plastic smell is overpowering and I had to get it out of the house.  Speaking of washing, where/how do those of you who are like me and can't park their RV at their home do it?  Or you full-timers? Where do you wash your RVs?  

Since the Camping World closest to me is not that close, I decided to go ahead and purchase a wand for cleaning the holding tanks because I figure I'll have to do that someday.  

What's a "Maiden Voyage" without the celebratory bottle of wine...

I think I'm ready.  Not true.  I still need to load everything onto her tomorrow, then I'm ready.  I'm not taking too much stuff because I won't need that much for four days.  

I believe that once I'm on the road I'll be ok.  It's taking too long to get going and I've had to much time to think.  Plus dealing with the sadness and disappointment that I can't take my dog, but I'm dealing with it and I'll be fine.  I said on a previous post that it will never be as difficult as the first time.  This is the first time.  After this, a piece of cake.

Heading for the sunshine,



  1. Congratulations!!!! You will be fine we all make mistakes and always learning...enjoy and safe travels...Les

  2. Some RV parks will allow you to wash your RV for a fee, of course. Otherwise, there are some car washes that are also RV washes. However, we usually look for the Blue Beacon truck washes. They charge by the foot and do a great job.

    Lots of luck tomorrow on your maiden voyage!

    We're Just Wanderin' ---

  3. Good luck with your first voyage! Exciting! :)

  4. I think the apprehension is absolutely the hardest part. I predict great success on your maiden voyage!

  5. You will never regret purchasing the surge protector. It is worth every penny.

    Sometimes I wash the rig myself. If there are interns at a refuge I am volunteering at, they are usually interested in earning some extra cash so I pay them to wash and wax the rig. :)

  6. Wash the rig? We call that "rain."

    Have a great time!!


  7. P.S. When in need of inspiration, validation, or even just a little courage, re-read "A Journey of One's Own".


  8. Cheers Jeana!..hope your maiden voyage goes well!!

  9. Good wishes to you on your maiden voyage. I'm excited for you. Try to live "in" the moment and make some happy memories.

  10. Take a deep breath and enjoy your maiden voyage. I keep a journal in my rig and I love reading it at my camp ground as I add more to it with each trip. Have fun good luck.

  11. Oh, I have that book too! I don't have a surge protector though, we haven't yet been to Camping World. (There is one near where we'll be parked next trip and the price of gas has prevented us from driving 50 miles to the one in Riverside.) Our Shopping List is long--we'll have sticker shock for sure.

    Have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

    We haven't washed Rover yet but I have seen truck wash places near truck stops.

  12. Camping World and Harley Davidson are two stores that are very dangerous for me (my credit card) to be in !! LOL

    I love the collapsible bucket though. Will definitely be getting one of those.

    I take my rig to the Blue Beacon Truck/RV wash places. Rig is far too big for me to tackle.

  13. Looks like you're getting all the "stuff." That part of the fun, I think. I'll have to check out "A Journey of One's Own." I don't think I've read it yet. Have Fun!