Friday, June 24, 2011

I've Lost My GPS!!

I don't know how, but I've misplaced my GPS and I can't find it anywhere.  I charged it recently and tried to figure out where I'd mount it in Olivia but couldn't come up with a spot that would work. I haven't even used it yet. I've looked everywhere in Olivia, my SUV and my house and I just can't find it. I'm hoping it'll magically show up one of these days, before I really need it.  
Thanks for all the comments about my first trip with Olivia.  As far as the sleeping situation goes, I'm pretty limited.  The "mattress" is not removable and has hydraulic lifts attached to it as well as the ladder to reach it, so I'm stuck with it.  

I do have an organic lambs wool mattress cover on my bed at home so I'll try that out on my next trip.  I'm so comfortable driving her that I'm not willing to give that comfort up at this point in time.  When I bought her I was told that the previous owner traded her in for a different floor plan and while I don't know what they ended up with, I'm starting to understand why.  

I'm also going to go on a couple more trips before I give up on her, if I give up on her.  I don't know if I mentioned that I'm going to Las Vegas on the 4th of July.  My friends who joined me in Palm Springs want to check out the Del Webb  community in Henderson and I'm just tagging along.  I plan on going somewhere when I return.  Destination unknown, but who cares, I'll have all that I need with me...including my dog, if this works out...

When I was out and about today I was near a Petco and decided to pop in and see if they had a harness and voila, there it was!!  I tried it on my dog and it fits although I don't think he's too thrilled with it...

If I can get him into Olivia comfortably then our world is going to open up so much.  (FYI:  He used to be black and brown.)

The gym where my trainer and I usually work was closed today for a workshop so she told me to meet her at the park just down the street from where I live.  It was 56〫and drizzling when I left my house and I wasn't looking forward to working out outside.  This is where we ended up working...

and this was the view...

It actually turned out to be quite pleasant and I ended up suggesting we continue to meet there.  I promised that I'd walk there, it's that close to my house.  She often ends our sessions with a burst of speed and had me jog behind her until we reached these stairs...

when she told me to sprint up them without holding onto the railing!!! AARGH!! Obviously, I survived, but I wasn't sure if I was going to make it.  

I knew this park existed and the cement up at the top right of the picture is the road I drive on all the time to and from my house.  So it's rather out of sight but very close to where I live.  Now that I know how gorgeous it is I might go there more often.  

Looking for my GPS,  



  1. happy hunting!..hope you find the GPS sooon!!

  2. What a nice work out place...quite the view.

    You're right...doggy does not look happy. Maybe he will change his mind when he finds out how it helps him. Good luck.

  3. When we took a trip in a rented Rv I knew immediately the mattress was going to be unacceptable. So as I loaded up our stuff I grabbed the waffle foam rubber mattress cover off the gust room bed and put it in the RV on top of the existing mattress. It made it much more comfortable. I think K-mart or Target has them.

    It's a cheap fix if it works.

    Hope you find that GPS.

  4. I hate when I lose things. And sometimes I can look in the same place 10 times and not see it and then like magic there it is. Hope you find it soon.
    Dog does not look happy but hope he will get used to it.
    Enjoy your trip.

  5. If you're like me, you'll find your old GPS right after you buy a new replacement!

  6. Hey girl..catching up. We are never happy parking in close quarters...we really only do it when we need to use showers or something...just doesn't work well with our dog (or us). Did you know in Az you can buy a permit for $160 or something like that and park on any blm land for six months...and there is lots of beautiful desert for the winter time. As you grow more confident you will need hookups less and less or at the very least not all the time. Don't give up on Olivia...change takes time.

  7. Good luck finding that GPS! That sleeping quarters does look a little cramped.