Friday, June 10, 2011

Road Trip a Resounding Success

Before talking about my wonderful day I want to welcome Sara from My Travels as my newest follower.  I'm glad to have you along on my journey.

I had a fantastic day!!!  I loved driving Olivia and I really enjoyed having someone with me.  My friend, Wendy, from Silver Sneakers played copilot today and she did a marvelous job.  

This bridge has been in my way since I got Olivia...

I drive under this bridge almost daily and it's sort of my entrance to the rest of the world.  Until today, it's been stopping me as far as Olivia goes because I wasn't sure if it was tall enough to drive under since there aren't any signs indicating its height.   It was my stuck pun intended.  

I drove Wendy under the bridge in my SUV and she said she thought that I had enough room.  When we eventually drove under the bridge in Olivia nothing bad happened and I'm here to tell you about it!!  Talk about opening things up for me.

I need to go back to when I was still at home trying to get my 14 year old dog into my SUV.  His back legs have deteriorated since the last time he was in it and he wasn't able to help at all with jumping up.  Try lifting an 80 lb dead weight dog...not easy.  In fact, I didn't work out today because I've been having twinges in my back and this didn't help.  I felt much worse after getting him in my SUV.  I thought it would be easier with the steps on my motorhome but he couldn't make it up them either.  So I lifted him. Does this look like a happy dog?...

I was not expecting it to be so difficult so I might have to re-evaluate taking him with me.  I don't like saying that but he wasn't happy all day.  I think he just wanted to be at home, in front of his favorite window, greeting all the people and dogs going by.  This will make RVing more expensive because I'll have to leave him home with a house sitter.  I'll also miss his companionship.  

After taking off I pulled into a gas station to fill up, my first time.  Since I need diesel, naturally the pump I wanted was opposite to where I was so I had to turn around.  I love my back up camera and I'm so glad the station wasn't crowded.

We didn't really have a destination in mind until we started to think about lunch when Wendy said she knew of a good place to go to in Fall City.  I got on I-90 with the next stop being...  

Fortunately, the parking lot was a decent size.  Unfortunately, the first place I backed into had a warning sign I hadn't seen...

It told me that I'd be towed...immediately if I parked there so I pulled forward. After lunch I figured it would be easy to back into the tow zone and pull straight out.  I had just taken this picture and then I was going to back up and then pull out.  Notice the location of the white car...

I'd be more worried about him getting towed than me, he's so much smaller. Oh well, this was a practice run so throw it at me.  As for lunch...I'll never go back to Scott's.

After Fall City we were driving towards Snoqualmie, home of the gorgeous Snoqualmie Falls, and noticed a number of trains.  Turns out there was a train graveyard and a train station.  We went to both.  

Some things aren't obvious to everyone so apparently warnings need to be posted.  This was in front of the train graveyard...

I got a kick out of the reefer car, not that it held any particular significance to me.  

Notice how it's in better shape than the rest of them.  Yellow???

Plants will grow anywhere up here...

The train station...

Our final stop was Remlinger Farms in Carnation, WA, famous for their fruit pies...

We were just walking around checking things out.  We were in the garden section when Wendy had a bit of a mishap...

The display of the yard ornaments had been upright.  We were both looking at the ornaments when all of a sudden it started  to go over.  The ornament Wendy was holding came apart.  The one I was holding onto went down with the rest.  It felt like it happened in slow motion and it was completely soundless.  The container was filled with sand and we couldn't figure out how it happened.  Weird.  

End result...I had a wonderful day and can't wait to finally HIT THE ROAD. I'm ready to go.  

Life is good today,



  1. That bridge would have scared the hell out of me. Lucky you had someone with you that could help you determine if your coach was low enough to pass under it.

    Happy for you that all went well on your road trip.

  2. glad you are enjoying your road trip..those low bridges can be scary!...snoquallmie falls are amazing!..loved the gift shop!!!
    your poor 'old boy'..doesn't look happy but then neither is my 'young boy'!

  3. Oh my, I love a yellow lab, even an old man yellow lab. Both my sweet yellow lab girls had serious health problems and we had to put them down. I still miss them both. Picabo, the second one, had diabetes, started to go blind and had real trouble with steps. Craig made her a ramp so she could go up and down the three steps from the back door to the back yard.

    Maybe you could have a ramp built for your old guy.

  4. I'm glad you had a wonderful day! You drove around quite a bit. Now that you have your feet wet, you're going to want to go again soon. You don't have to do a big trip. Weekends, long weekends, are how I got started. It was an easy way to start out and get familiar with things. I was 30 minutes from home. And loved it! I'm sorry your dog wasn't happy. I thought he was smiling, but maybe not.

  5. WOW that bridge looked low. Glad you didn't have a problem with it. Well like me and my dog said, long weekends are great. I went on one once that lasted a glad you had fun. sorry the dog didn't.

  6. Just found your blog and I am enjoying the read!!! I have a similar Rv a 23 foot Class C Winnebago Aspect and love thing I did was write the height of my rig in both metric and in feet and stick it close to the dash just to remind me of my height..I also have sirius radio and also would not be without that, safe travels Les blog if you are interested

  7. Thank you so much for the nice comment today!!!

    Concerning your puppy dog, we have been in the same situation with one of our previous “best friends” and will soon be there again with Samantha (Yellow Lab). One possible solution might be a ramp as sold in Pet Smart and other pet stores. Instead of trying to negotiate the steps (any steps), dogs seem to have an easier time with a gradual incline (ramp).


  8. Upon passing under the bridge, it's as if the world reopened! In any case, it was a fun road trip indeed. Do you still bring the dog with you on your succeeding trips? Maybe he just needs to be more comfy inside the RV or something.