Friday, June 3, 2011

Gorgeous in the Pacific Northwest

Yes...finally...sunshine!!!!!!!!  Maybe 3-4 days of it, in a row, no less.  No gloves, knee socks, winter coats in June.  

I would like to welcome another follower, also from the Pacific Northwest, Russ Krecklow from 'Travels in Therapy'-.  Thanks for joining me.

I went to my motorhome today with the intention of changing license plates and it completely slipped my mind!!  I guess my mind is slipping.  However, I did a lot of other things so I'll give myself a break.  

I love color.  I don't like brown even though it's a color.  I mentioned in a previous post that there's a lot of brown in my motorhome and not much I can do about it. But, I can draw away from the brown and that's what I experimented with today. I have a rug in my office that my dog spends his time on when I'm busy blogging. He loves the rug and it's a great color. Although, by the time he's finished rubbing his body on it it's changes to lots of splotches of white.  So I got to thinking and measuring and figured out that it just might fit with the slide out.  So I took the rug to Olivia today and voila...

That's facing the front.  

This is facing back...

I usually hit a home run whenever I go to Pier One and I hit two home runs yesterday when I saw these rugs.  Two might be a bit overboard but my dog doesn't do well on non-carpeted areas so I talked myself into both of them. I don't think there's such a thing as too much color, especially when trying to distract from the brown.  

I also took more measurements for the platform I plan on putting together for my dog on the passenger's seat.  Turns out the cordless drill I took with me wasn't strong enough so I need to finish that project at home.  I hope I measured right.

A strange thing happened when I was in Olivia today.  I'd probably worked inside for an hour or so when all of a sudden I heard a piercing noise and could not figure out where it was coming from.  Eventually I realized that it was the propane alarm, down next to the floor.  Pardon my ignorance, but why would it go off?  I didn't have anything turned on and because the weather was so nice I didn't have the engine on.  Although when I turned the engine on the alarm went off.  I left shortly after that happened and after I'd grabbed my owners manuals to read up on my View.  Any ideas????

While I wasn't posting I also wasn't reading any blogs, RV or weight maintenance.  I am in the process of working my way through all the blogs I follow, a blog at a time.  I get through some blogs quicker than others but I'm enjoying catching up.  

Loving the sunshine,



  1. When you find out why the propane alarm went off, please let us know. This could be important for our future as well as yours.

  2. nice work on the new decor!..enjoy the sunny weekend!!

  3. the alarm went off because your battery is not being charged enough. I may be totally wrong on this but last summer I had a similar problem and I couldn't figure it out, so I went and got one of my seasoned camper friends and he told me what was wrong. I park in my driveway and I usually plug into the electric but I didn't do it for some reason and the alame was going off. I also had a dead engine battery but I think it was just its time. Dick told me it can be disconnected but I left it since I plugged back in. He said it can drain the battery because it is always on .
    As for your rugs they are a great shade and make it pop, good choice.

  4. Jeana, I also have a lot of brown in my coach and hate it. The first thing I did was cover everything I could with a light blue material to try and tone down the brown. I'm living with it but it is still not me. I don't want to paint or do any drastic changes for fear of affecting the resale value. I really like your choice of colors.

  5. Your colors look great, and your dog will appreciate the familiar rug when you're traveling.

    I haven't had a propane alarm problem, but my smoke alarm has gone off a couple of times. That'll get your attention! :)

  6. Our propane alarm is partial to going off at 2am. Talk about a wake up call! It is quite irritating. We've been told it is an issue with the battery but we just replaced both of them and are hooked up to power and yesterday the alarm went off again for no reason. We have had the same issue with the propane alarm on the boat as well. Personally, I've decided its a mystery with no solution and I have stopped worrying about it.