Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Too Much of a Hurry and I Have a QUESTION

When I lived in Tucson I went to a place called Water Street Station to get my drinking water.  I had two five-gallon bottles that I'd fill up whenever I needed to.  In Tucson it was easy because all the Water Street Station locations were drive up, fill up and leave.  Very handy.  

Now that I'm no longer in Tucson I go to Whole Foods to fill up my water bottles.  Granted, the water is better here but I'm used to doing it and I continue doing it.  Whole Foods, at least the one closest to my house, is pretty busy and I do my darndest to get there early to beat the crowd.  

I noticed yesterday that my bottle was getting low, so I rationed myself so that I wouldn't run out and made a plan to go there early this beat the crowd.  I raced through breakfast, got dressed and headed out to the garage to get my other bottle and head for Whole Foods.  

When I went to grab the other was full!!  I just laughed at myself and went to Fred Meyer and bought more plants.  I never even thought to look and see if the other bottle was full.  Silly me.  

I love stir fry and have a couple restaurants that are my favorites.  One is a long way away north and the other one is a long way away south.  The one that's north is across the street from a wonderful nursery that I won't go near on weekends...the nursery, not the stir fry restaurant.  But since it's usually a package deal, nursery/stir fry, I went to the stir fry south.  No shopping, just stir fry.  Unless the Verizon store is open, but they're not on Sunday.  I'm tempted to go in and talk to them about my RV internet needs but haven't yet.  If it turns our my Clear modem will work then I won't need anything from Verizon.

I mention stir fry because when I was house/pet sitting in California I could not find a stir fry restaurant.  In my book, that's a good enough reason not to move to a place.  Sure, I can cook it myself but it's so much better if someone else cuts up all the vegetables, I choose what I want, put it in a bowl and then let someone else cook it.  

I worked on the platform for my dog today and I'm not too happy with the way it's going.  I usually do a much better job on my building projects but this one is not going well.  I'm going to take it to Olivia tomorrow to see if it'll work, then I'll put the foam and cover over the board.

QUESTION...In yesterday's post I mentioned how difficult it is for me to get Olivia, my RV, washed.  I emailed a mobile RV wash business and they emailed me back with an estimate...scary.  To wash Olivia, including the roof, $150.  They recommend having a sealant applied, so wash and sealant...$350.  See what I mean by scary?  However, I'm wondering if the wash and sealant might not be a bad idea with her being so new (2010).  I could get her all cleaned up, hit the road, come back and put a cover over her (that I need to buy...more $$$) so she won't get dirty, or as dirty as now.  I would appreciate your feedback and don't hold back on your I know you won't.  

Missing the sun,



  1. I think for $150 I would learn to wash her myself! Rick evaluated something called The Solution as a cleaner, polisher for his new fiver.

    His blog is at: and he is a very helpful guy, so you might drop him a line with that question.

  2. I hadn't washed mine at all, and she's been out in the rain since I got her.

    When I was at the condo, I hooked up my garden hose and gave her a good hose off. I didn't use anything except water squirting out, but it made a big difference.

    They must make something with a long pole and something soft on the end that will scrub off the dirt. I wouldn't pay $150 to have her washed. (But I will probably have to pay that much to have my car detailed when I sell it. But that's for the inside and outside.)

  3. $150 seems like a lot of $$ for soap and water!!..I would learn to do it myself if I was you..and yes, checking out Rick's post on the Solution would be a great idea!

  4. I bought a pole that extends pretty long. You can get a few diffent kinds of attachments for it.( don't bother with the window thing is stinks) but you can get a brush, a sort of mop head. They work great. I wouldn't go on the roof but I try to spray it down real good or my grandsons can do it. I agree with everyone else $150. yikes and of course they will try to sell you the Brooklyn bridge too.

  5. Don't think I would pay that price for a washing either.

    I hose down my coach often and use an extension brush to scrub. I have also gotten up on the roof to check it out. I have yet to give it a good soapy washing but it looks like it is beginning to need one.