Monday, June 13, 2011

Excited for Monday

Yesterday I had 59 followers, today I have 58.  I hope it wasn't something I said.  

I got an email from the RV park in Clarkston that I'm going to on Monday asking why I wanted a "Back-In to Water" space.  I asked what the difference was and she said that if I drove in I'd have a view of the Snake River from my front windshield.  That's all the arm twisting it took, I'm pulling in so I can enjoy the view.  I'll worry about backing up when I leave, but I have a camera so I'm not too concerned and I back up all the time anyway.  I mentioned I was new to RVing and she said there would be a lot of people that would be willing to help me.  I just went and checked the weather for Clarkston and it's going to be in the 80s.  That's going to feel so good after all the 60〫weather we've been experiencing here at home.  

I read all the posts I missed yesterday before I started writing this post and learned that I'm not the only one dealing with older dog issues.  Do we take them or leave them at home, where they'll probably be more comfortable. It's a dilemma and a sad one.  I'm starting to feel anticipatory grief because it's a reminder that he's pretty old, especially for a large dog, and our time together is probably limited.  I certainly won't be able to enjoy him for 14 more years.  I'm making the tough decision that he'll stay at home.   If he weighed 40 pounds instead of 80 pounds I might reconsider, but he's too heavy for me to lift.  

Until I was meeting with Kim this morning, my personal trainer, I didn't now what my decision was going to be about  continuing personal training with her.  I decided that I'm worth it, so I signed up for three more months. She's going to give me a plan to follow when I'm on the road and I appreciate that. As instructed, I bought two 15 pound weights and one 30 pound weight to take with me.  I've been in training since March 2010, so I'm still pretty new at it.  When I started working with Kim I didn't know what a lunge was let alone being able to do one.  Today I did lunges with a  20 pound weight in each hand.  It was hard and it'll get easier.  She keeps reminding me how far I've come.  

After reading the book I mentioned yesterday, Younger Next Year for Women, they've scared me into continuing to work out.  I lived with and took care of my mom and dad the last two and three years of their lives and they weren't in good shape.  Both of them needed walkers and they were miserable. The longer they lived the less they could do for themselves.  I refuse to end my life that way, therefore, I will exercise six days a week, two of them lifting weights.  

I've mentioned this before, but I like to remind myself periodically that I've lost 80 pounds.  The lunges I did today with a total weight of 40 pounds was quite difficult and that was half the weight I've lost. My dog weighs 80 pounds and I can barely pick him up.  I think that's a good reminder to continue to do what I'm doing.  

Sunshine next week,



  1. I can understand your dog dilemma. Wish I had some sage advice but I am afraid this is something that will have a different answer for each individual. I hope you find the answer that is right for you and your dog and that you have peace about that decision. Enjoy those warm temperatures next week in Clarkston.

  2. hope you enjoy your stay in Clarkston!.as for the 'pooch' issues..a difficult decision no matter what you decide..

  3. I think your dog will be happier sleeping away his days at home where he is familiar with his surroundings.

    He's an old man. He doesn't need the stress of travel.

    Enjoy him while you can and be at peace knowing he is safe and comfortable in his own place.

  4. I think everyone is right about leaving the dog home. He knows his place and will be OK with your friend. I had been thinking about getting me a little dog but I think not. I couldn't bare the thought of it getting old and sick.
    Its sounds like your trip is going to be great parked right there by the water.

  5. Might as well put those four windows with a view to the test! :)

  6. WOW... 80 pounds... you should be proud of yourself. I can't even lose 5 pounds. Hope you have a great trip.

  7. I second the WOW..80 pounds !! lol..on the you have 60..I thought I was but I wasn't...I always think when I lose a follower that someone has just quit blogging and deleted their blog which deletes the following (I think)...never could it be something I fun on your little trip !

  8. How fun and how excited you must be. I read your comment on another blog I follow about heading out to the wineries. We discovered a lot of them in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Good luck to you and hopefully you'll have the time of your life! We do!

  9. Facing toward the water is better. That's what I'm doing here - my site requires it. It depends, too, on how you're sitting. At the beach I was sitting facing the front, then I thought, "Why am I facing my truck instead of my beautiful kitchen?" So I sat in the other seat. But here, the view is so pretty, I'm sitting facing front.