Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reservations Made at RV Park

I did it...I made reservations at Premier RV Resorts in Clarkston WA, June 20th - 23rd.  This is the resort I've been wanting to start out at and I'm gonna do it!!  While I'm excited that I'm finally going to do it, I'm sad that I've decided to leave my dog at home with my friend/house/dog sitter.  

I thank you all for your comments on my last post.  I'd forgotten that I got a copy of Woodall's at the last RV show I went to so I started reading it today. I've ordered The Complete Idiot's Guide to RVing and it should arrive in a few days.

I'm busy reading a book called Younger Next Year for Women because I'm in a bit of an exercise crisis and I need help.  I've been working with a personal trainer for over a year and she's been a huge help to me.   A part of me wants to quit spending the money for her help and the other part of me that knows better, doesn't want to quit spending the money.  This book is about how important exercise is for us as we get older.  It has just about convinced me that I need to keep working with Kim.  She helps me with the weight lifting part of fitness and I have Silver Sneakers for cardio and group exercise/support plus a routine I do at home.  She also pushes me way more than I would do myself where weights are concerned, and she knows a whole lot more than I do about increasing the weight I'm working with.  I meet with her tomorrow and I think it's time to sign up for another 3 months and I need to know what I'm going to do.  

So, that's what I'm doing tonight.  I'll get back to responding to all your blogs tomorrow.  Thanks again for all your lovely comments.  I really appreciate them.

Sunshine please,



  1. Congratulations!!!! It will all come easy to you as time goes by and don't think we seasoned veterans don't make silly mistakes!!! Enjoy the moments and it is amazing what exercises you can do with the bands!!! Don't forget the web site the folks on those forums will answer all the questions you have....enjoy the open road best wishes Les

  2. I recently read "The Idiot's Guide ...". It's a helpful resource and is particularly good, I think, at describing the fundamental principles of RV systems; for example, why you don't want to leave the dump valves open when hooked up to the sewer. All the deadly-dull stuff that you still have to know is presented in a lively, amusing style. I think I'll re-read it as a refresher before I hit the road.

    I hope you love your rig as much as most View owners.

    Sad about losing your co-pilot but I'm sure you're doing it for the right reasons.


  3. So glad you got the reservations you wanted. You'll be an old hand at this is no time.

    I sure understand your dilemma about your dog. It isn't easy but you have to do what is best for both of you. Have fun and just relax and enjoy. There are always lots of friendly RVers at the parks who will help you if you run into a problem.

  4. If you feel good about your persona trainer and can afford the fee, it is wonderful!

  5. Great to hear about the RV Park reservations. Will be waiting here to see pictures of it from inside and outside your rig.

  6. nice to hear you made some reservations!! you have to be a member to stay at this park?..

  7. Good for you, glad you made the move to get a reservation. And yes you can always ask someone at the RV Park for help they will be more than willing.

  8. woo hoo..I'm proud of you! you are doing it! Take it one day at at time and it will be great. I just read an article today in the paper that said exercise is the absolutely best thing we can do for our we didn't know that ..but it is good to be re-enforced every once in a while...maybe stick with your trainer three more months then think about it again...