Friday, November 5, 2010

Blog Reading Day

Today has turned out to be a blog reading day for me.  Yucky gray weather contributed to the reading spree.  After working out first thing this morning I came home and decided to check up on the blogs of my two newest followers. Welcome to my blog Roxie and Annie from The Good Luck Duck and Loree and her dog, Luci, from Life with Luci and Loree.  Roxie and Annie are from the east coast and Loree and Luci are from the west coast.  We all have Bounders in common. Actually, Roxie and Annie and I have fifth wheels in common, too. Except our stories are in reverse...I started out with a Bounder and traded it in on a fifth wheel.  We picked the Bounder up four days after I turned 45 and started on a short mid-life retirement.  I had just completed twenty-five years at Boeing and was ready for something different.  

As I've mentioned before, my son and I lived in the fifth wheel for two years in Tucson before moving back into a stix and brix, also in Tucson.  It was great fun, but we weren't on the road for very long so I don't think that experience counts any longer.  Which means I'll be starting out as a newbie when I take off in April/May 2011.  

This is my son and I in Germany in 2009.  He grew up and I grew out, the result of quitting smoking.  I have remedied that growing out problem and am now a fit ex-smoker and probably weigh less than in the Bounder picture. Hooray for wake up calls, i.e., high blood pressure (as discussed in a previous post).

To date, I have scanned two shoe boxes worth of pictures into my computer which amounts to 575 pictures.  Those 575 pictures are my parents pictures, I haven't even taken my boxes of pictures out of the garage yet.  And I won't do that until I scan in the boxes and boxes of slides from many,many years ago.  

That's it for today.

More sun please,


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  1. Hi Jeana,

    Thanks for the shout-out! I look forward to reading more of your adventures.