Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Expensive Decision/Choice

While I'm not regretting the decision to scan all my pictures onto (into or onto?) my computer, I'm finding that it's been an expensive decision.  First, the scanner on my printer/copier/scanner didn't work so I bought a new scanner.  Second, it was suggested that I buy an external hard drive so I don't lose the pictures, should something go wrong with my computer, since I'm shredding them after I scan them. More $$$.  I went to the Apple store this morning and got a hard drive that's compatible with my Mac.  I rarely go to malls, but the Apple store is located in a mall three minutes from my house.  Apple offers a One to One program for learning the Mac and even though I've had mine for a couple years I don't think I'm using it to it's potential.  Since my One to One had expired I signed up again...more $$$.  I made it to the Apple store without taking any detours but on the way out...oh boy.  I made two stops and now I know why I don't go into malls.  It is hazardous to my wallet.  Where is my self-control when I need it?  

I went to a salsa dance class this morning for the first time and almost ended up in tears.  I just couldn't get the steps down and felt like I had two left feet.  It appeared to me that everyone else got it down right away, of course.  I never felt this bad when I was taking the hula hoop dance class. A couple people told me at the end to not give up, that it takes awhile to get the steps down and that one day it just clicks.  I got a whole new appreciation for the people on Dancing With the Stars today and I don't envy them what they're doing. I do understand the frustration and tears though. I'll probably go back because I know it will never be as bad as it was today, my first time.

It is lovely here today.  The sun is out and I heard it might reach 67 degrees.  I'm so much happier when the sun is out.  Sitting here working on my computer, the sun is shining on me and it feels so good.  

Let the sun shine on,



  1. Jeana,

    My scanner is not functioning now either (as I stated in a previous comment) when I need it most - now that I have a blog. And I'm also trying to earmark every last cent after expenses to saving for the RV so I'm not replacing the printer/scanner.

    I completely understand the battle with self-control. But, IMO, anyone who loses 75 pounds -and KEEPS IT OFF - can do anything!

    Can you return the scanner (or would that be slightly unethical?).

  2. I think by the time I'm done with my scanning it will be way past the return date. And, it's only for exchange anyway should I take it back. Thanks for the kinds words about my weight loss. Does it help at all knowing you're not buying lots of stuff so that you can get the big item that really means a lot???


  3. Hi Jeana,

    I did the same thing with my photos. What a job - notice? The best part (besides freeing up space) is that you can 'shop them to look better than the paper copies do.

    Nice to "meet" you!