Monday, November 15, 2010

Weather Blahs and Downsizing Trauma

I don't mean to make my issue yours, but I'm seriously impacted by gray and rain and that's what's going on presently here in Seattle...surprise, surprise.  I am doing what I can to survive, i.e,  I had acupuncture this morning to get the serotonin moving and I'm currently sitting in front of my Verilux Happy Light Energy Lamp.  The box says the lamp will "beat the "Winter Blues" and effects of seasonal change; Improve mood and energy; Regain focus, concentration and productivity."  I also just had a cube of chocolate, so I think I've covered all bases.  Nope, I didn't.  Covering all bases would mean getting out of here...Seattle.  I'm working on it, I'm working on it.  

I had lunch today with a friend who recently returned from a 48 day cruise to Australia.  She also turned 65 yesterday and has bemoaned that fact every time I've talked to her since she returned. I say bring them on, but she's not happy about turning 65.  I pointed out that it's better than the alternative, to which she agrees. I finished the yard art project for her birthday present and I took her a picture of it since it's still curing and unable to leave my house at the moment.  I think it turned out well and I love the color.  I think I'll have to do another one for me.  She really likes the stand but, unfortunately, it doesn't go with the ball, it stays at my house cause I really like it, too.  

Downsizing is tough, isn't it?  I have a box of Hummels my mother started collecting when we were in Germany oh so many years ago and it's a pretty sizable collection.  While I like them, they don't fit in with my decor and I've carefully wrapped them and have them safely packed into a box.  It would seem that if they've been in a box for six months or longer (just a random number), they aren't needed, therefore get rid of them.  Right?  Can't.  Or is that won't?  Then there's the buffet.  Oh, the buffet.  This lovely piece of furniture takes up a whole wall and has tons of storage.  It was my parents. I love it and I hate it because I love it.  And I don't know what to do with it.   
When I was looking at a particular house in Tucson, I was actually basing my decision to buy it on whether this piece of furniture would fit. How insane is that???  I decided not to buy the house and the buffet ultimately didn't have anything to do with that decision.  Realizing that I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a house and be stuck in one place helped with that decision.  Which, once again, led me to RVing.  But that doesn't solve the dilemma with the buffet or some other furniture that I haven't even brought into this discussion.  Most of the furniture in the house will go to consignment.  The only furniture in the house that's mine is my bed and the glass desk I bought a few months ago for my computer.  I guess if it doesn't go to consignment it goes into storage.  If it goes into storage, again, that random number of six months, why hang onto it?  DID ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS DILEMMA?  AARGH!!!  

I have downsized so much since my dad died January, 2008.  Downsized, ripped up, painted, repaired, replaced, created, etc., etc.  I'm really at the tail end of it.  I'm not selling the house but I can't leave stuff in it if I decide to lease it.  If I don't lease it, then no problem.  No problem with the buffet, no problem with my car if I decide to go with a fifth wheel because I'll have a place to store it.  

Geez, are there any easy decisions or am I just blowing this out of proportion???

Maybe I better turn my happy light off, I think I've gotten too many rays. Does that mean I have to change my salutation?

More sunshine please,



  1. Yes, so few easy decisions in this life I've found. I understand what you are facing. My parents died 3 months apart and liquidating a lifetime of material acquisitions was difficult, to say the least. I don't think you can blow the decisions out of proportion.

    Another thing we have in common - my mom also had a Hummel collection that she started in Germany while stationed there in the AF. Wow!

    LOVE the yard art - it is gorgeous!

  2. Jeana, Thanks for your supportive comment at A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings. Downsizing! John and I have a pod full of our furnishings, etc. stored back in Tucson. We plan to use it again one day. But if we were downsizing indefinitely, I think I would loan out (indefinitely) everything loanable with the idea that one day I might need some things back (or not). I loaned a table once to a friend and I like seeing it when I visit her. And I know that if I need it one day, I can get it. In the meantime, she uses it and loves it. Levonne

  3. Aren't connections great? Kimbopolo and I with the Air Force and Hummels. Levonne and I have a Tucson connection. Then there's the RV connection. Thanks for your comments...I really appreciate them.


  4. We downsized quite a bit of stuff when we moved into the RV 4 years ago but we still have a storage unit full of things. About 1/3 of it belongs to our boys ~ neither which have room for their things. Of the 2/3 stuff that is ours 1/2 are tools for Ron's business and tools that were his Dad's. Since we don't know if he will do plumbing again yet we can't get rid of those tools. Other stuff includes Christmas and other holiday decorations, my china and other mementos along with books for my social work job ~ I don't know if I will go back to that either. We hope to make some decisions in the next year of what we will keep and downsize some more. No it is not an easy thing to downsize.

    Decisions are needed for many things and most are not easy. I suggest just keep plugging along and do a little each day.

    And I agree the gray wet weather is no fun at all. And they are calling for snow up here in Whatcom County this weekend.

  5. Just stay focus on your goal. The closer we get to our goal the faster we are moving stuff out. We have sold a lot on craigslist and had dozens of garage sales. Good Luck

    Travel Safe

  6. I'll try to respond coherently, but it's so gray here I can barely drag my fingers across the keyboard. But, it's a dry gray.

    My doc told me to start taking up to 2000 IU of vitamin D per day.

    Fish oil is supposed to help with mood.

    St. Johnswort has been my friend.

    And, the happy light, of course.

    I have found downsizing to be as emotionally draining as almost anything I have done in my life. Going in is hard; the back end is good!

    I'm trying to follow the 20 minute rule lately. Do something hard for 20 minutes, then eat chocolate.