Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Out of Scanning Space

I reached 999 pictures/slides scanned and couldn't scan any more.  I was not too happy.   This happened last night and, fortunately, I had an appointment today at the Apple Store for a One to One Session with my favorite helper.  I planned my whole day around the 11:00 appointment.  I show up at 11:00 and they have no record of an appointment for me.  I found my helper and went and talked to him and he helped solve the problem...our appointment is next week.  Someone else had cancelled so then I was able to get in at Noon today.  I was so relieved because I don't want to stop scanning.  So I had an hour to kill now but "luckily" I'm at a mall and there's lots of things to check out. 

I didn't realize there was a Verizon store there and decided to go in and pay my bill.  I also didn't realize that my bill was due to today, I thought it was tomorrow because I appear to be a day behind.  Or am I a week early?  
Depends on the store.  I got my scanner problem solved when I went back to the Apple Store and have already scanned in about 100 more slides.  I'm enjoying myself looking at the pictures and I'm bored doing the scanning cause it takes forever.  Yesterday while I was scanning I decided to continue decorating another  bowling ball at the same time.  I have a stop watch so I timed how long it took to scan four slides and then worked for that amount of time on the bowling ball.  They're in separate rooms so I was back and forth every three minutes and I think my dog thought I was nuts.  He eventually quit  following me from room to room and just settled in my office.

That's all for today.  Even though it was a gorgeous sunny day today I want it to continue so,

More sunshine please,


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  1. That's really funny about your dog finally giving up following you from room to room. Katie does the same thing. Sometimes I feel bad - she'll be sleeping next to me and I get up and she follows. Then I move again, and she follows. They really are like shadows, aren't they?