Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daylight Savings Time...Grrr

Welcome StrawBoss, my latest follower.  It appears we have a Tucson connection and I love those connections.   The title of this post doesn't apply to you because you're in Arizona.  I'm no longer there so I have to put up with it.  

Question...did anyone else notice that the time on your cell phone and computer was adjusted automatically?  Does anyone else besides me find that somewhat disconcerting?  Right now it's 11:21AM.  Yesterday at this time it was 12:21PM.  Which is the "right" time?  Does it even matter? Probably not, I just find it irritating.  

OK, something really positive I forgot to mention about the external hard drive.  I don't know if this applies to all of them but I found out that if I delete something by mistake and notice it a day later (or longer), I can go back into the external hard drive and reset my computer to a time before I deleted whatever and get it back.  I think that's great.  

I'm already redoing the motorhome I haven't located or bought yet.  I learned from a couple other bloggers that the interior can be repainted.  I don't know why I didn't think of that myself, but why not?  Want different furniture? Why not?  See the two chairs on the right in the motorhome picture?  I don't want them.  Gone.

I want to replace them with this chair and fountain.  The chair will be reupholstered first, though.  I'm hoping the fountain won't be too large.  It isn't too heavy so I don't think that will be a problem.  And maybe when I find the motorhome I'll find out this isn't a good idea.  But right now I like it.

The sun is out and yet I want...

More sunshine please,



  1. I really LIKED the chairs you want to take out, bet you could sell them if you purchase this unit. Funny how different we all are. I was told my my RV salesman that it's easy to switch out chairs. I want a recliner or one with a footstool so I can put up my feet with my computer on my lap. Wonder what we'll end up with?

  2. The chair I want to use rocks and swivels and the top is at a perfect height for resting my head. This is what I'm thinking today...who knows what it will be tomorrow.

  3. I forgot - how can you have a fountain in an RV. Won't the water slosh when you're moving? Very pretty, though. (It's not really bigger than the chair, is it?)

  4. I decided to get mine now. This spring I bought a Lazy Boy Rocker/Recliner. I will replace whatever is in the RV that I end up with, with mine. It's very comfortable, especially for naps. I can take the back off to get it into an RV.

  5. Hi Jeana

    Catching up on two blog posts at once. First to answer your question on my blog - no, we don't know yet where we will be selling the Christmas trees. Will be finding out the end of this week.

    Love the idea of having the fountain but wonder too, how do you keep it from sloshing water every where while traveling?

    In regard to books...we got rid of 27 boxes of books when we went from two storage units to 1. It was hard, we love books. Still have both boys books in storage - they need bigger places so they can get their stuff out of our storage unit but we don't see that happening any time soon.

    Getting books while traveling - whenever we are at campgrounds we check to see if they have a swap out library. You give a book or two and take a book or two. We have been doing this for years. Its a fun way to get different books to read. We do put our initials in the front cover so we know if we have read them before. We have found our books at places we have not been before - kinda funny.

    Hope you are having a good day.

  6. My intent with the fountain is to empty it before I take off. And no, Barbara, it isn't taller than the chair but only by 2" (I went and measured). It almost sounds like Susan and I are going to get RVs that fit our furniture!! Let me know Ali where you'll be selling trees and maybe I can get there and meet you. I won't be buying a tree because I'd have to buy a stand and that's counterproductive to downsizing.

    Thanks for all the comments.