Sunday, November 28, 2010

Picture Scanning Completed

I have some new followers to welcome to my blog and right off the bat, some confusion.  Mohotravels is new and I think that would include kyotesue and malone.  Please let me know if I'm wrong and I'll correct it.  Also, followers without blogs, it appears...please let me know if I'm wrong...N&J and Laurel King.  Thank you for signing on to accompany me on this journey. 

The big news for today is that the picture scanning is finished!!  Whoopee. What a relief to be done scanning over 2,000 pictures onto my computer. Want to see them...just kidding.  

I seem to be at a loss for words today.  The good news is that next week at this time I will be on Alaska Airlines flying to Tucson.  It looks like it might be about 20-30 degrees warmer there than here at home and I like that.  I went down there last year and it ended up being warmer in Seattle than in Tucson.  I was not happy.  I plan to go to a couple RV dealerships while I'm there.  I might even see if I can drive a Class A or two.  

Well, I think that's it for today, I seem to be out of things to talk about, for now.  I'll be back tomorrow.    

More sunshine please,



  1. wow, 2000 pictures!!..thats a whole lot!!!...must have taken some time!..good for you for embracing your fear of driving a Class A or two!!..go for it!!

  2. Hi Jeana. 2000 pictures is a big scanning project! Have fun in Tucson. I'm hearing that the weather is pretty darn good right now.

  3. Hey, you wanna scan mine now? LOL! Good job...

  4. Wow, lots of pictures to scan! I took all my slides and did the same, put them on CDs and gave them to family. Not sure I'm as industrious when it comes to all the photos.

    Btw..I am 'owensontheroad'.

  5. So, let's see some of those 2000 pictures! :)

  6. Hello Jena,

    Just read thru your back posts! I like to do that for blogs I want to follow because it helps me get to know more about the blogger.

    I like the concept of part time/ full timing. I really want to do some RVing after my husband retires. We have a house that needs to be fixed up, but the work is going slow and the market is not to encouraging.

    I have ben thinking a bit more about just keeping it and going out for a few months at a time.

    Who knows what will happen or what we will do in the future.

    I understand and share your dilemma about what kind of rig to buy.

    Guess there is one for everyone. You just have to determine what is best for you.

  7. Congratulations on "scanning complete". I still have mine to do. Did you do them one at a time or more than one at the same time?