Sunday, November 14, 2010

Get Away Van

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I finished scanning over 1,000 slides and started on a container of pictures and found this one taken at Ocean Shores, Washington.  My husband and I bought this Get Away Van and only used the refrigerator.  Shortly after we bought it we drove up to Vancouver, BC to have the drivers and passenger seats changed to captain's chairs that swiveled.  We checked out Stanley Park and found an RV park nearby.  I could not talk John (my husband) into checking into the park so we stayed in a hotel.  I remember feeling quite put out and wondering what we bought it for if we weren't going to camp in it. If I recall correctly, we had to put in a porta potty and it didn't have a shower, but at least it was fun for our day trips.  

I remember trying to talk him into quitting Boeing and hitting the road back in 1975, two years before we married.  Now that I'm collecting retirement from Boeing it was probably a good thing we didn't do that, but who knows. Clearly, the RV bug hit me a long time ago.  

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