Friday, November 19, 2010

Follower Correction

I was incorrect yesterday when I said my new follower didn't have a blog. She does and it is  Sorry for the incorrect information.  I'll go check it out when I'm finished with today's post.

It wasn't raining today, in fact, we saw a wee bit of sunshine, so my spirit was lighter.  It compelled me to take the five boxes of books I decided I can get rid of to the second hand book store.  I was pleasantly surprised that instead of highway robbery I got a pretty decent amount of money for the books.  It's a relief to have them gone. I installed some shelves in a closet for all the books and now that they're gone I'll be removing the shelves and filling in the holes and painting the interior of the closet.

Now that it gets dark so darn early, I find that I'm closing the curtains and wooden blinds, something I rarely did since it got dark so late at night here. Also, with most of the leaves off the trees, it feels like the "vulture McMansion" behind me can see right into my house and I don't like that.  I didn't have anything on the back door so I installed a shade yesterday.  

I also have one for the plant window in the kitchen, to be installed shortly.  

I bought my ticket for Tucson today!!  There are a couple RV dealerships in town, so I suspect I'll be spending some time at both of them while I'm there.  I used to live at the Prince of Tucson RV park and I always check it out when I'm in town. This trip will be no different.  

That's it for today.

More sunshine please,



  1. lucky you..heading to the land of sun, and cacti!!..and rv dealers!

  2. Have a great time in Arizona - enjoy the sun! I hope you see some RVs you like.