Monday, November 8, 2010

What Am I Thinking?

Today I'm wondering what this is all about...RVing full time, that is.  I have my heart set on a motorhome (the one pictured above) because of the great floor plan.  However, the thought of driving a Class A puts terror in my heart.  Why would I have my heart set on something that scares me so much?  Am I trying to sabotage myself before I even get started?

I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning because I'm not able to think about a single positive thing about full timing.  Why would I want to leave this house I've spent so much time fixing up?  I think part of the answer is fear.  I know what to expect from my life right now. It's predictable...and boring.  

If I live as long as my dad did I have 29 more years to live. I'm a lot healthier than he was so maybe I have more years...or less, who knows? So I ask myself, do you want to spend the next 29 years in the same house doing essentially the same thing every day to get through the day?  My answer is a resounding NO. 

OK, let's look at the big picture...reasons for and against a motorhome: 

Reasons to buy a motorhome:
1.  I don't know when/if the blankets were washed at the hotel(s).
2.  I can drink as much water as I want because the bathroom is nearby.
3.  Life won't be predictable and boring.
4.  I'll meet lots of new people, online and on the road.
5.  If I don't like where I'm at I can go find another place.
6.  It will add excitement to my life.
7.  I can get away from the traffic noise where I'm living now.

Reasons not to buy a motorhome:
1.  Fear of driving.
2.  Possible loneliness while on the road.
3.  Fear.
4.  Feeling stuck is actually OK no matter what anyone says.
5.  Fear.
6.  I was braver when my son was along the first time and now I'm alone.

Questions and/or Concerns:
1.  Should I tow my SX90 SUV or store it somewhere?
2.  Do I want to store my SUV?
3.  Should I look at Class C's instead of Class A's?
4.  Should I get another fifth wheel?
5.  Do I want to full time?
6.  Do I want to stay stuck?

I'm feeling nervous about posting this.  But I believe that I'll get responses back from people who dealt with the same fears and overcame them.  If I don't talk, or in this case, write about the fears, I think they'll just get bigger and bigger and paralyze me into doing nothing.  That's not OK. 


  1. Now Jeanna, with those 29 years ahead of you, you don't want to ever sit & think about all the "what if's" you missed. There are lots & lots of solor RVers; they have some very well organized groups & rallies. However, I don't blame you for not wanting to truck around in a humungous Class A. There are lots of places it can't go — & those other places are where the adventure is. Have you considered getting a smaller RV that's not so intimidating? I admit I'm prejudiced toward "small" because we have a molded fiberglass (lasts forever) Casita travel trailer. Even without hubby, I'd be taking it out alone. They're lightweight enough to be pulled by an SUV even, but we have a 4x4 pickup.

    If you're feeling this scared, sounds like something in you is saying the Class A isn't quite the right fit for you. JMHO.

  2. As a former solo full-timer, I understand your pain. Mine was complicated even more by having a motorcycle rather than a car to deal with.

    I much prefer a gives you a feeling of security. You can just drive away if you feel uncomfortable. That said, a Class A will have more room than a Class C (for the most part) but for me driving the Class C was more like driving a pickup truck on steroids. While I was initially nervous, I wasn't panic-striken.

    There are newer Class C's with slide-outs and lots of room while maintaining the same driving feel as the older ones like I had.

    If you want to see the country, RVing is the only way to go...I don't regret it at all!!!

    If you got back in my old blog, From the Lily Pad, to Mar 2006 to Oct 2007 you will see me debating a lot of the same.

    As to the car, I REALLY started enjoying RVing when I finally bought a used car to tow. No more hoarding groceries/supplies because I only stopped when WalMart was on my travel route. Much easier to get out sightseeing when in nice areas.

  3. I'm thinking, as well, that maybe a good start would be a class C. That's what I want. I won't even consider anything else for me. Class A is too big, and Class B is too small. And no toad. Then, once I'm out there I can see what's what and decide if I want bigger or smaller, toad or not, etc. The class A's and fivers are wonderful, and if I had a husband I'd love one of those, but not going solo. There ARE many solo women driving those big rigs, though.
    Can you downsize and feel better about it, at least at the beginning? Plus, less money to spend. Put the rest in the bank for now.

  4. Thanks for making that list - I'm facing the same issues and the discussion helps with clarity. Last night I went to sleep thinking how great it will be to zip around anywhere I want and this morning I woke up thinking the whole idea is just NUTS. So I'm dealing with the same fears and haven't overcome them.

    It sounds like the biggest of the big quesitons is do you want to full-time?

    Can you hedge your bets i.e. keep your house while you test-drive the full-timing lifestyle for, say, 6 months?

  5. I can relate so deeply to what you are writing about. My worst moments where in the final few weeks, I was sick with fear and absolutely certain I had made a mistake. Seven months later, I am glad I pushed through that!

    I like my little Class C, but I was wrong to think I didn't need a car. I do. (I like to set my house up and am often reluctant to pack it all up to go somewhere.)

    I was always in love with tiny houses, so the really small class C works for me. That said, it is small! I do long for a nice office set up and am cramped from time to time...

    If I were starting over, I'd still seriously consider a Class A, but only the smallest of them - 27 to 32 feet.

    Everyone is different, but I have faith that you will figure out what is right for you!

    Good luck.


  6. Hanging on the wall of my RV "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the ones you did, Explore, Dream Discover" Mark Twain
    O dear, I went thru the same thing. Go test drive one! Really, you do get so that it is automatic to keep it in the right lane where you are supposed to be, but it is a BIG learning curve, but doable, belive me, if i can do this, so can you. Fear is normal i think, we always question our decisions and is this the right thing for me? and you see all kinds of rigs out there, that is why there are so many different kkinds, because people have different ideas in what they are comfortable in. you will prevail, things WILL be ok..

  7. Hi Four Windows with a View! I do understand your fears. Someone wise once told me that the gift of fear is wisdom. I took that to mean that if I really listen to my fears, I'll be smarter for it. That doesn't mean that I should let my fear paralize me, just let it inform my decisions about moving forward. There is probably something important you're trying to tell yourself. Listen for what that may be. Who knows, you may be able to address it and erase those fear feelings. May the force be with you as you move closer to your deeper dreams, whether that's a safer-feeling RV, a course on driving the RV of your dreams, or taking the house off the market because you want it there for you if you decide to pack it in after a year. See ya!

  8. Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I had a feeling that if I pressed the button to publish this post that something wonderful would happen as a result...and did. I know for sure that selling my house is not an issue...I won't, I'll rent it and get some income from it. In the meantime, I'm thinking about renting a motorhome, a Class C and Class A and driving around testing them out. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in WA with an RV, especially a Class A, that I could try driving with them along. After writing this post, talking about it at a women's group I belong to, and reading all your comments, I have say that I'm feeling least right now. I'm still fearful but not out of control. I don't need to make a decision today and I can do some exploring in the meantime, i.e., renting RVs instead of buying, for now. But I'm still going to continue downsizing now that I'm on a roll with books and pictures.

    Thanks again,


  9. Jeana

    Putting your fears "out there" is very helpful I have found. When I keep stuff on the inside I can take a little piece of something and turn it into a full size mountain. Once I get stuff out it is so much easier to manage.

    I think the idea of renting a rig for a week and driving it would be great. You can do a Class C or A or both and see what you like best.

    I would encourage you to write, ask questions, and ask some more. That is what friends are for - to listen, suggest and encourage.

  10. Funny I had the similiar fear last month, and did post about it and received some nice feedbacks.

    Having fear is good, it makes you cautious when making decision. Even you may like it when you rent a RV, you may not like it when you go full-time, so having a back-out plan is very important.

  11. Just started reading your blog today and have many of the same thoughts but no fears as you. Thanks for being so open.