Thursday, November 11, 2010

Family Veterans

I'd like to dedicate this post to the Veterans in my father, my son Jason, my daughter-in-law Melanie.  My father began his career as a Private in the Army Air Corps, where he learned to fly, and retired from the Air Force as a Lt. Col.  He was a Pearl Harbor survivor.  My son, also Air Force, has been to conflicts in Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.  My daughter-in-law has been to Iraq.  I think that now is a tough time to be a parent of a child in the military, let along being that child.  However, what I've learned from my son is that his deployments were always harder on me than they were on him!!  Thank you dad, Jason and Melanie.  I also want to thank all the Veterans in our country and their parents.
Dad in WWII
Melanie and Jason prior to dad's funeral


  1. Nice post - great photo of Melanie and Jason. (I couldn't see the other photo, I'm getting a blank spot with a red X.) We all have a lot to be thankful for having people brave enough to serve our country to protect us all. AND their families. So, thank you, too!

  2. What a handsome family!

    Thanks for helping us remember how much we owe the people who have served and are serving our country ....

  3. Your son is such a brave man! Are he and his wife done with the service?

    You may want to check the link of the first picture, the URL path doesn't look right.

  4. Jason will be eligible to retire in 8 years and I think Melanie can retire in 6. They're stationed in Germany now and I keep hoping they'll come back to the US in the near future. I really miss him.

    Thank you for all the nice comments.