Friday, November 12, 2010

RV Looking Tomorrow

Unless the weather is really awful tomorrow I think I'll go look at RVs.  I think I'll look at Class C's this time and test drive one or two.  I realize this picture is of a Class B, but I was really tempted to buy it a couple years ago. I'm glad I didn't because I don't think there's enough room.  As you can see, there's no basement storage. I think this type of RV would work better for quick weekend jaunts than full-timing.  

It drives me crazy when I go to an RV dealership and the sales people won't leave me alone. This guy wouldn't get out of the way, obviously, when I was taking pictures.  If this were mine, my dog would be laying (lying?) down in the narrow aisle and I'd be stepping over him to get from the front to the back.  Not fun.

This is a slow news day for me.  We had a lovely sunny day and I decided to prepare bowling balls outside so that I can continue decorating them as yard art.  A good friend of mine is turning 65 on Sunday and I think I'll decorate one for her yard.  She loves aqua so I spray painted the ball today and I'll get started with the beads shortly.  Yes, it's going to be late because I just decided to do it today and it takes me longer than two days to complete one. She just returned from a 48 day cruise to Australia and I'm excited to hear how it was.  She said she'd call me when she recovered and that was Monday, so her recovery time must be taking awhile.  

More sunshine please,



  1. Jeana,

    What a surprise to visit your blog and see a picture of a B! I've been researching them pretty hard all week. There are so many great things about them for a solo traveler. I agree with you about full-timing in one though. I hope to see one in person soon (minus the salesman!).

  2. If I was going to part-time, I would prefer a B, I think, due to the parking issues where I live, mileage, etc. And I wouldn't have to store it.

    My salesman hasn't left me alone, either, but I'm sure he would if I asked. He's given me so much good info. I think before I actually buy anything I'll want to sit around, try things out, do the "picture yourself living there" that the full-timers talk about. When you see one you like, ask the salesman to give you some time alone. I'm sure he'll see dollar signs and back away smiling.

  3. Jeana

    Have fun looking at rigs tomorrow. I think in the afternoon we are going to go look for a little pickup that we can tow behind our Class A. We were going to go yesterday but it started to fun looking at vehicles in the rain.