Monday, November 22, 2010

Crazy Thoughts Brought On by Snow and Cold Weather!!

I've had two ongoing goals/dreams:  (1) to buy a motorhome and become a full-timer and (2) buy a house with a pool.  I did buy a house with a pool, but it turns it was in the wrong location, i.e., it was in Western Washington instead of Arizona.  I stress Western Washington because Eastern Washington is much hotter and it would make more sense to have a pool in that part of the state.

Shortly after moving into the house, I decided this wasn't the kind of pool I wanted and sold it. Fortunately, we had a hot summer and selling it wasn't difficult.  It wasn't until I moved to Arizona that I found out my preference was for an in ground pool.

Turns out, this is the kind of pool I want and I want the pool boy too!! Unfortunately, the pool boy, my son as a teenager, has gone from Army ROTC to a Tech Sergeant in the Air Force. He's found much better employment and is currently unavailable.  

My crazy snow and cold driven thoughts compelled me to get on last night and look at houses in Tucson with pools.  So far, I've found twelve houses to look at when I'm down there next month.  Yes, they all have pools and room for parking an RV.  How wonderful is that? I know that when I hit the road I'll want to be in the bottom part of our country, so to me, it makes sense to have a place in the Southwest as my home base.  I'm realizing that I'll want a home base because it's looking like I'll be a part-time full-timer. Does that even make sense???  In other words, a snow bird.  Only I'll be snow birding backwards because if I move to Arizona I'll need/want to get out of there in the heat of the summer, not the cold of the winter like we're currently experiencing in Seattle, cause I won't be living here anymore. 

Stay tuned.  Everything I say (type) is subject to change.

More sunshine please,



  1. Oh, it is such a good idea to go to Tucson next month! You will get all recharged and rehappied.

    Roxanne (Duck)

  2. plans made of jello!!..good luck with the house hunting!!!

  3. Definitely time to head south! We'll be heading out right after Christmas - can't wait to get down to Palm Springs and relax in that nice outdoor swimming pool!!

  4. Hi Jeana. I think you'll enjoy Tucson in the fall/winter/spring. You're going to be a reverse snow bird. Let me know if you have questions about Tucson as I lived there for fifteen years. Thanks for stopping by Levonne's Pretty Pics. I hope you'll come back again. I look forward to following your journey. (By the way, I love Something's Gotta Give. One of my favorite movies of all time!)

  5. It's nice when all your options are open. I keep changing my mind, too, about things, but the full-timing remains the constant. I always figure that if I do my homework, things will fall into place when the time is right. I'm sure they will for you, too. :)

  6. Sounds like you could have your cake and eat it, too. :)

  7. We, too, hope to be PT/FTers someday. We're trying to get our house as lock-it and leave ready as we can over the next couple of years. We live in a wonderful community with great neighbors who can help with overseeing the house when we're gone.

    It was 35 degrees this am BUT it is blue skies and sunshine!