Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thoughtful Contemplation, Part II

This is my third attempt at typing this post.  I keep hitting a wrong key and losing everything.  Wish me luck on this attempt!!

I spent last night thinking of pluses, minuses and questions regarding different RV scenarios for me.  Putting it down on paper is helpful to me because I'm such a visual person.  This is what I've come up with:  

Buy a Fifth Wheel
(+) More living space
(-)  I'd need to buy a 1 ton diesel truck, I've been told ($20-30K)
(?)  What would I do with my SUV
(?)  Overall, would this be cheaper than a Class A
(+) I would have a vehicle to drive when camped, without having to tow

Buy a Windsport/Magellan 36' Class A
(+) I'd have to get over my fear of driving a Class A
(+) I can tow my SUV on a two wheel dolly (per Volvo dealer)
(?)  Would I need a diesel pusher to pull SUV
(-)  Have to buy a dolly

Buy a Class B
(+) I wouldn't have to get over my fear of driving a Class A
(-)  Too small, would consider for weekend trips
(-)  About the same price as the Class A I'm looking at

Buy a house in Tucson
(-) Money would be spent on a house instead of an RV
(?) Would this cause me to give up on my RV dream
(?) Would I feel stuck and regretful

Rent house in Washington
(+) Extra income per month
(+) House occupied, yard taken care of
(-)  Some possessions will need to be stored
(-)  Storage costs

Don't rent house in Washington
(-)  No extra income
(-)  Have to pay for yard maintenance
(-)  House unoccupied
(+) Park SUV in garage
(+) Possessions can stay in house
(+) Storage not needed

Sell house in Washington
(-)  Not until market improves 

This is me receiving my new Volvo at the Volvo factory in Sweden.  This is my first new vehicle since 1977 and my first reliable vehicle since 1994.  Is there any wonder that I want to hang onto it?  I bought it (thanks, Dad), through the European Delivery Program, got two free roundtrip flights on SAS and three free nights at a hotel in Gothenburg.  I got three free nights because I owned a Volvo at the time, everyone else got one night.

Because I was afraid to drive it (have you heard that one before???), my thoughtful and caring son drove it the three days we were in Sweden and I didn't have to force him into it. Then we flew to his house in Germany where I stayed for a week.  Less than two months later, he and his wife ordered the same vehicle, but with a few more options than I went for.  He was very impressed, as was I, with the safety tour at the Volvo factory. subject...sorry.  I just want to explain why it's so important I keep my SUV.

I want to thank you for the helpful comments on my last post.  This is quite a community I'm part of and I appreciate all the support.  I have a new follower and I forgot to write her information down before I started this post, so I'll acknowledge her tomorrow.  I apologize.  

I don't think I'm going to have to retype this a third time cause I'm about ready to push Publish Post.  

I leave for Tucson a week from tomorrow!!!

More sunshine please,



  1. To answer one question you have, no, you don't need a DP to tow a car. My 38' motorhome is a gas pusher and it tows my car just fine. My last rig was a 29' class A, and it also towed the car.

    Whether or not you go fulltime is a question only you can answer. For me, it was an easy decision, and I've not regretted it. :)

    That being said, I'd like to comment on one of your +s for a fifth wheel. (I would have a vehicle to drive when camped without having to tow) Except in order to camp, you will be TOWING a big 5th wheel. :)

  2. You don't need a DP but you do need to be aware of overall weight limitations of the Class A. My Class C limited me to a car under 3000#, for example.

    Now for the tow dolly...many do use them but they can be a real pain. Some campgrounds require you to put them in their storage area, others let you figure out where to put them...hopefully their will be room at your campsite.

    As to 5th wheel size...we live in only 31' of ours since the last 10' are garage. I had a friend who RV'd in a 29' 5th wheel and she had plenty of room.

    Keep looking, asking, researching, investigating, checking out used rigs (even if they aren't what you want, they help you get an idea of 1) layouts and 2) quality of brand). I looked through the online rv trader sites daily.

  3. Jeana

    Suggestion - type your post in Word, save, copy and paste, then you won't lose it.

    We tow with a 37' Class A gas and do just fine - that is once the coil was fixed. We have opted to tow 4 down. Check to see if the volvo can be towed that way.

    Renting out your home in WA - we have friends who did that and they left some of their stuff in the house for the renters to use. Worked for both parties.

    Keep up the questions. Answers will come.

    Hope you have been able to get out since the snow is gone.

    Have a great night.

  4. sounds like you have some decisions to make..once you narrow them down it will be easier!!

  5. Decisions, decisions, decisions. To me, the biggest decision I see you having to come to grips with is whether to go fulltime or not. Until you make that choice, it's not really a big deal re 5'ers, MH's, tow dollys or SUV's. Big help here, right?

  6. Don't you hate the decision part? We had started out *knowing* that a Class A DP would be what we wanted. Guess what? Now we are going to get a 5vr. It boiled down to thinking about the end of the tunnel, and what would we be happy spending out lives in. A 5vr seems more 'comfortable' than a MH for some reason.

    Glad to see you following our blog :)

  7. We went to lots and lots of RV shows so we could get a feel for what we wanted. We ended up with a 5th wheel. We tow it with our F350 truck. It's not so bad driving/towing. I often banish the hubby to nap in the backseat so I can have the wheel all to myself :)

    (36 year old fulltimer living la vida loca!)

  8. P.S. I love your blog name!! That's what got me over here to "follow" you :)