Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Short on Words

I don't seem to have a lot to say today.  Would you be interested in knowing that I bought silky long underwear so that I can be warm when I'm in my office?  Didn't think so.  OK, how about this:  


This is the first of three Christmas cactus I have and this one is closest to blooming.  I guess this means the season is upon us.  I'm not ready for it. Actually, my son's birthday is December 7th.  When he was growing up I would never decorate for Christmas until after his birthday.  I'm still that way even though he's out on his own now.  I bought his birthday card today, no present, just $$$.  

I was looking online today at possible routes to go when I do hit the road.  I thought that maybe I could base stops on 24 Hour Fitness locations so that I can continue to work out with weights twice a week.  That might be doable, but I might have to incorporate other gyms in the picture to fill the gaps. Then I looked at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods locations.  There's a large gap where Idaho is.  Looking at the maps provided, Idaho doesn't have any of the places I mentioned.  I usually go through Idaho but maybe the message is to go somewhere else.  I know for sure that my first stop will probably be Clarkston, WA.  I mentioned in an earlier blog that there's an RV park right down by the Snake River.  Next door is Costco.  I'll have join Costco before I leave just so I can stock up if I need to.  My friend, who turned 65 two days ago, has a Costco membership, so I usually go with her. Since she won't be coming with me when I hit the road, I'll have to join.  Or, not. That's almost sacrilegious, seeing as how I'm from the Northwest. 

The yard people are using one of those blower thingies next door that drives me crazy.  I'm going to leave my office so I can get away from the noise. It's either that or start screaming irrationally and I choose to exit gracefully. End of post for today.  

More sunshine please,



  1. Jeana

    When do you plan on being in Clarkston? Our son and his family live in Lewiston, ID. The RV Park we stay at while there is Hells Canyon RV Park. It is about 1 1/2 miles from Costco and Wal-Mart. It has an indoor pool. The campground right behind Costco did not have one.

    Anyway, we are going to be in the Clarkston/Lewiston area the 29th of December to the 7th of January. If we are there at the same time I don't mind taking you to Costco and you can use my card.

  2. Jeana, I love Govinda's. Delicious food.

  3. Have you thought about going in with your friend on her card (unless she already has someone on it with her)? My son doesn't live with me, but is on my card and has his own. My daughter who lives in AZ split the cost for Sam's Club.