Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This is what I got up to this morning...in Seattle!!!  Before I start my rant about the weather, I have some welcoming to do. How exciting it was to open my blog this morning and have five new followers!! Thank you for joining me on my wacky journey to somewhere with some type of RV...all to be determined at a later date.  

Welcome Danyshula with lovely pictures at Picasa Web Albums, Rick and Paulette at Rick & Paulette's RV Travels, Brian 'n' Tricia at Home Sweet Home RV (also from Washington), Levonne at A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings: An RV Adventure, and last but not least, Andy at RV-Adventure-Bound.  I will be sure and check out all of your blogs and become a follower of your journey.

Is there any doubt why I want to change my home base to Arizona?  Look at what these poor guys have to contend with.  Maybe they'll be ready to relocate with me!!
Fortunately, I have four hummingbird feeders (two out at a time), so I was able to put non-frozen feeders out for them.  Unfortunately, it's only gotten up to 27 degrees, with the sun shining, and they're in the process of freezing, too.  I'll just rotate feeders all day.

This is certainly not typical weather in the Seattle area.  I moved back here from Tucson, this is my fifth (and last) winter here, to help my parents until their death.  The first winter there was major flooding going on in the state, the second winter the power went out for about a week with below freezing temperatures, the next winter we had snow that lasted and lasted, last winter was fairly mild and now this winter.  And then there's the rain, but I won't rant about it because it's what makes it so beautiful up here, I just don't like the gray that accompanies it and sticks around for forever.  So I'm going back to make Tucson my home base.

I have one more picture to show you. My frozen rain chain.  

I'm going to take the shelves down in the closet where all my books used to be, before I took them to the second hand bookstore.  I brought the paint in out of the garage early enough that it should be warm enough for me to use when I'm ready for it.  

Thanks to all of my followers.  So many of your comments make me laugh and all your comments make me glad that I'm part of this RVing community.  

Could we have some warmth with that sunshine please,



  1. It sounds cold up there! Does everything stop functioning when it snows?

  2. I really liked your rain chain photo when you first put it up, and now it's frozen. I clicked on it to see, up close, the water actually froze as it was dripping down. Great photo!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving from Me and Katie! :)