Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Day After Meltdown

First...welcome to my blog Sharon, Kimberly and Jeanne...just in time for my first meltdown.  More than likely the first of many.

One of the things I didn't mention yesterday that I think was a huge piece of the meltdown was the Magellan motorhome in San Diego that fits the bill of what I want, except for price.  I've talked to one of the sales people a couple times about different scenarios of me buying the Magellan while living in Seattle.  Turns out I was really stressing myself out about that particular motorhome, i.e., its location, as in, do I fly down there and check it out?; I don't want to learn to drive a Class A in a city I'm not familiar with; I don't want to drive over any mountain passes this time of year; and on and on and on ad nauseum.  I've decided to pass on the San Diego motorhome and I feel so relieved.  

Thanks for all the comments yesterday...they were all helpful and I really appreciate the feedback.  What a group of people you/we are!!

In taking care of myself today I went and worked out, went to Panera Bread afterwards with five ladies from the work out group (I drank water, no bagel), and the best of all...I got a massage!!!   The repetitive motion of shredding pictures after I scanned them has created a problem in my left shoulder and neck so I'm supposed to switch arms.  Fortunately, now that I'm scanning slides there is no shredding.  

Question:  How do you tell a dog used to eating at 5:00 (he comes searching for me at 5:00) that 5:00 is now 4:00 so it isn't time to eat?  

I'm going to continue scanning pictures into my computer and downsizing.  I think I'll take a trip somewhere sunny and warm within the next three months or when I hear snow in the forecast in the Seattle area...by airplane!!  Maybe I'll follow Cruzin2some's example and have a garage sale or three.  I've offered to let them spread their expertise around and help me out, but I think they're ignoring me (which I totally understand).  

I'm happy to be part of the RV community and I'm loving reading about your adventures.  

More sunshine please,




  1. When you find the right RV there won't be a lot of stress connected to it. The right one will come along.

    Travel Safe

  2. Your relief tells the whole story. I agree with the 2some.

  3. We went through many of the same decision you are involved with in deciding on the right RV. Have you though about a 36' gas motorhome. Something that is big enough for you. I wonder if you would get tired of all the hookups and things required to get set up at every campsite in the 5th wheel.
    We went back and forth and Pam decided if I died she would rather pull up, back in and be done with the set up and take down when she was ready to leave.
    What ever you decide, I know you'll enjoy it.

    Nice blog. Glad I found it.