Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Types I Follow

Welcome to my blog Sharon.

I got interested in blogs after I lost 75 pounds and needed some maintenance support. Unfortunately, there aren't too many books out there on maintenance, just diets, diets, diets.  I didn't have any experience with blogs and kind of looked down my nose at them.  I guess ignorance will do that.  Then I came across a blog called Refuse to Regain which led to me buying the book with the same title.  That led me to other maintenance blogs and they've been an enormous help to me because we're all facing the same issue...maintaining our weight loss.  So, that's the first type of blog I follow. 

You folks know me as a future RVr and this is the second type of blog I follow.  Just the two, weight maintenance and RVing.  I don't have any desire to start a weight maintenance blog, I'm just mentioning it because it's so important to me.

I've gone from a 3X to a 10 and I feel wonderful, plus I have a brand new wardrobe!!  I went on a nutritional cleanse program that consists of supplements and two nutritional shakes a day.  I love it and it fits me so well because I don't like to cook.  My main meal is lunch and I look forward to it every day.  I usually go out so it's fun to decide which place I want to go to today.  It also enabled me to quit taking blood pressure meds. 

I started taking blood pressure meds in July, 2009 and started the nutritional cleanse program August 16, 2009.  It took a year to get off the meds and lose the weight but I'm off of them and I plan to stay off of them.  I also started working out with a personal trainer March, 2010 at 24 Hour Fitness. Watching Biggest Loser played a part in picking 24 Hour Fitness,  plus they're a mile from my house.  I work with the most fantastic trainer and I attribute a lot of my success to her.  I give myself credit too, because I'm doing the work, but Kim is so much fun to work with.  I just follow along behind her and do what she tells me to do.  She's also my biggest cheer leader and that helps.  I see her Monday and Friday.  On Tuesday and Thursday, same place, I go to a program called Silver Sneakers.  The youngest participant is probably late 50s up to a spry gentleman who's 88. 

It's mostly cardio/dance and I enjoy the movement.  So, weight training Monday and Friday, cardio Tuesday and Thursday, Wednesday and Sunday I have a plan I follow at home, with Saturday a day of rest. Sounds exhausting but as long as I keep the weight off it's worth it.  While I was losing my weight I went to Weight Watchers meetings for support.  The leader stated over and over that the people most successful keeping their weight off, exercised.  That's also what got me to 24 Hour Fitness. 
As a future full-timer I have a concern about being able to continue on this weights/cardio regimen.  Kim and I have talked about it and I will probably become her first "virtual" client because I need to keep upping what I'm doing for continued success.  I suppose I could map my journey based on 24 Hour Fitness locations, or, instead of pulling my SUV I could buy weight equipment, a covered trailer and pull the equipment behind me.  Nah, I think that would be a bit overboard.

Enough on that.  I bought a new scanner and I'm anxious to try it out.  Wish me luck.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



  1. Congratulations on your weight loss - and keeping it off. I'm a lifetime member of WW, and am just maintaining now. I wish I had more willpower for exercise, but I'm actually thinking I'll do more when I'm full-timing. Just exploring and walking the dog (no backyard to let her out in), riding my bike (no toad). I'm sure there are many ways to exercise on the road - you'll figure it out!

  2. Fitness has been a real struggle for me since I hit the road. I've always worked out with some regularity, but have had a hard time keeping it up.

    I was so used to indoor cardio equipment. If you get that big rig, I'd bring some of your good stuff with you! I wish I had my real Stairmaster!