Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cabin Fever Slump

Is this a great picture, or what?  Poor guys are so cold they've been staying at the feeder longer so I was able to get this picture and a couple others that I really like.  I think this picture is the highlight of this post.  

I'm suffering from cabin fever but it's looking like I can get out of the house soon, if I want.  It's "only" 30 degrees now and the forecast says it will get warmer overnight.  The street in front of my house is looking passable enough for me to venture out on.  When I had my ancient 5 speed Volvo sedan with four studded tires, I'd be out on the road with no problems.  With my new 2010 Volvo SUV, automatic, no studded tires, it stays in the garage, which means I stay in the house.  

I finished filling in the holes from the shelves I took down in the closet and painted the walls, so now it's presents as a closet once again.  Glad to have that done.  That led to finding holes in the window frames in the family room and hallway so I took care of them while I was at it.  

I've been having trouble reaching my best friends in Tucson, a married couple.  I just got an email yesterday that the husband is in intensive care and I'm not sure what his outlook is.  Please send prayers and positive vibes his way.  I'm really glad I'll be in Tucson December 5th.

I missed working out with my trainer on Monday, due to the weather, and the other two classes I attend at the gym were cancelled due to the same weather and Thanksgiving.  Fortunately, my trainer is working tomorrow morning and she called to let me know she had a cancellation.  I have a routine I go through at home two times a week, but it doesn't involve weights and working with her is all about weights.  I can tell I missed one day so I'm really glad she has an opening.  Normally I meet with her Monday and Friday but she's taking Friday off to have a long weekend and now, due to our weather, go skiing since it sounds like the ski areas are starting to open.  

I think that covers it for today.  Happy Thanksgiving to you tomorrow if you don't have time to read any blogs.  I'm five posts away from receiving an award for posting every day of the month, so you can bet I'll be posting tomorrow.

More sunshine please,



  1. Ahhhh poor little hummer...better keep moving. I think most of our hummingbirds have gone elsewhere. We are having single digit temps. Brrrrrr....

    Sorry to hear 'bout your friend in ICU...prayers have been sent.

    Stay warm....

    Keep warm!!!

  2. Gee, sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sure you are wondering what is going on ...

    I was surprised your still have hummers. Ours leave around Halloween and we are much much further south than you. Bless their little hearts!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Good thing you had that feeder out. Those hummers and you need to head south! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the hummingbird photos the last few postings. A wonderful Thanksgiving present. I like to fly from Michigan to Arizona--including the first week in April 2011-- mostly to find hummingbirds in the canyons, and one graces my stationary and business card. Thanks :-)

  5. Great photo - I didn't realize it was a hummingbird. I NEVER see mine look like that. They are always flitting and buzzing around, and they don't look that fluffy. Maybe a different kind of hummer. He is so cute.

    I forgot you were going for the NaBloPoMo badge. You're almost there!

    Happy Thanksgiving from Me and Katie!